Trump can’t get daily security briefings but will still work on ‘The Apprentice’

We all pretty much knew Donald Trump has no shame. But the news that Trump will continue to work on The Apprentice while serving as president of the United States is appalling. Can he just pretend for two seconds that being president is a big deal?

It’s not like a job you pick up on the side so you can make your student loan payments. The only thing a president should be doing is being the president. Instead, he will be traveling back and forth to his home in Manhattan each week and serving as the executive producer on The Apprentice. He’ll do it “in his spare time,” according to campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who claimed he has every right to keep the producer credit.

It’s good to know he has so much spare time, since he asked that he get only one presidential security briefing a week. They are offered on a daily basis, and it’s customary for president-elects to receive them on the daily so they’re ready to take on the job when inaugurated. But Trump, who is woefully unprepared for this job, refuses to study up. Who turns down a daily presidential security briefing? Mr. Trump, can I go in your place? Because that shit is fascinating and useful and someone needs to read up on it besides Mike Pence (who is getting briefed at least six days a week).

Hopefully there’s a conflict of interest in staying on as an executive producer. But that, along with all of his other business dealings, is still being worked out. According to The New York Times, Trump has held a 50 percent stake in the show and its international iterations. He gets paid for it. If his consultants decide that it’s NBD for the president to somehow profit from the show, Trump plans on sticking around. Conway and the Trump team liken his interest in his reality show to President Obama playing golf or shooting hoops on his downtime.

“Whether it’s President Obama or President Donald Trump, the idea that these men are going to be all work and nothing else all the time is just unrealistic because it’s never happened in our lifetimes,” she said on CNN’s New Day. Yes, that’s true. A president is a human, and humans need exercise, breaks, time to read a book — not time to be involved in other business dealings while sitting in the Oval Office. And let’s not even get into how many times Trump railed on Obama any time he stepped out of the White House.

Then again, maybe this is a sign that it’s going to be his vice president, chief of staff Reince Priebus, and chief strategist Steve Bannon who are really going to be doing all the work while Trump holds rallies just to hear the sound of his own voice, hangs out in Mar A Lago, and counts his pennies from The Apprentice. That’s just as scary, though.

Either way, Trump’s idea of what being a leader means is already an embarrassment.