Videos of Beyoncé performing as a kid are being auctioned for millions and they’re so ’90s

The world may have been introduced to Queen Bey as a teenager during her days as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, but she was rocking the stage years before she became a superstar. Now, Beyoncé’s childhood performance videos are being auctioned for millions, and the Beyhive may want to start assembling their collective coins right now.

Back in the early ’90s, Beyoncé was the lead singer in a girl group called Girl’s Tyme. The group featured a blend of hip-hop/R&B and originally had six girls, including future Destiny’s Child members LaTavia Roberson and Bey’s bestie, Kelly Rowland. The girls performed in their native Houston and eventually made their way to Star Search, the ’90s version of American Idol. Beyoncé and her crew lost their battle there, but they eventually won the war when her dad, Matthew Knowles, took over as the manager and did a lineup change to bring in LeToya Luckett, the fourth member of the original Destiny’s Child lineup.

The rare videos, which are being auctioned by Ted Owens & Co., features the young group rehearsing and performing for crowds. Even as a 10 year old, Beyoncé seemed to love the spotlight and was a naturally engaging performer both in live shows and music video clips. The 12 unedited tapes have over two hours of footage to prove once and for all that she was born to be one of the biggest stars of our lifetime.

Beyoncé’s auction videos were discovered in the original videographer’s garage and are estimated by Ted Owens & Co. to be worth approximately $3.8 million. According to the company’s website, the collection is an opportunity to own a piece of Beyoncé’s journey toward becoming a global icon. The company will accept bids through Jan. 10, so fans better move quick before the set is sold. Because when it comes to Beyoncé, everything she has ever done is priceless.

The company recently released a two-minute clip of the videos on YouTube, and it’s the stuff of diehard fans’ dreams.

If you are one of many fans who can’t afford to own Girl’s Tyme videos, then you can always check out Destiny’s Child’s audition tape for their first successful record deal on YouTube. By this time, the group was in their teens, had already been dropped by another label, and had finally settled on their Destiny’s Child name.

This 1997 audition clip featured them in Aaliyah-esque baggy jeans and crop tops (because 1996) as they sung their original song “Wide Open.” Although they hadn’t yet developed their signature sound and looks, it’s cool to look back and see a slightly nervous Destiny’s Child sing their hearts out in hopes of getting the deal of their dreams. Of course, they got signed and the rest is history. Check out the grainy clip here and be prepared to have this song stuck in your head for hours.

All hail the Queen Bey, who has worked her ass off to be the true leader of our nation.