Turns out Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” was rejected by the Grammys’ country music committee

Y’all haters corny with that Beyoncé-ain’t-real-country-music mess. Earlier this week we told you the Grammy Awards weren’t worth a damn. To further prove our point, the Recording Academy’s country music committee rejected Beyoncé’s country song “Daddy Lessons” from the beautiful visual album Lemonade.

In our initial report of the irrelevancy of the Grammys, we noted that “Daddy Lessons” wasn’t (but should’ve been) nominated in at least one of the country music categories. On Wednesday, the AP reported that a person familiar with the nomination process said Beyoncé’s team submitted “Daddy Lessons” for the country category, but the country music committee rejected the song. The source spoke to the AP under the condition of anonymity because they weren’t allowed to publicly speak on the subject. Thank you Mr./Ms. Anonymous for confirming the peak trash levels that is the Grammys. Had “Daddy Lessons” been approved by the committee, it would’ve been eligible for nominations like country solo performance and best country song.

Beyoncé is the most nominated artist this year, with nine nominations in rock, contemporary urban, R&B, and rap categories. This year’s nominations put her at a whopping 61 nominations total, making her the most nominated female artist of all time. We could bet money the Recording Academy is banking on her number of nominations — and wins — to overshadow this shady oversight. We’d love to hear the reason the song was rejected.

The Grammys aren’t the only ones having a hard time accepting that Beyoncé can do country music. (Now is a good time to remind folks that country music has origins in black music.) Her performance at the CMAs last month sparked criticism from racist fans who didn’t think she deserved to perform on the CMA stage, but Bey silenced the critics with an incredible performance featuring the Dixie Chicks. The racism over “Daddy Lessons” has been so loud that country stars like Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, and Little Big Town have publicly supported the song. The Dixie Chicks even blasted the CMAs following their performance, saying they used the CMAs to fulfill their dream of performing with Bey.

We don’t know when country music became associated with Whites Only, but this thread breaks it down for it to forever be broken. Without knowing all the of the rules or reasons a committee could reject a song, we can’t call bloody racism. For now. But it’s quite telling that a black woman makes a country songs, submits said song, and it gets rejected.

Bey is the epitome of the “best revenge is your paper” type of silence response to critics. But we hope just this one time she clapbacks in a shady way the Grammys will know is meant for them — “I am so honored to win the Album of the Year Award despite ‘Daddy Lessons’ being rejected.” Please let this happen. It’s the only thing that’ll make the Grammys worth watching.