This teen payed his girlfriend to give him a makeover so she could afford Coachella tickets

Teen relationships often get a bad rep for being superficial and immature, but there are a few young couples that represent true relationship goals. For example, a sweet teen boyfriend payed his girlfriend to give him a makeover so she could afford Coachella tickets. Tatyanna Snyder, 17, began dating Jordan Shetrone, 18, after three years of friendship. The freelance makeup artist and high school senior wanted to go to the infamous Coachella music festival next year, but the tickets were way out of her budget. Shetrone was willing to lend his girlfriend $200 so she could live it up in Cali, but she declined his offer.

So, he decided to pay for her Coachella ticket by asking for her skilled makeup services. He made an appointment with Snyder to get a full makeover, complete with eyelashes and shimmer. Of course, she knew what her boyfriend was up to, but she gave him the full treatment and posted her masterpiece on Twitter with the hashtag #myboyfriendlovesme. The photos of Shetrone (who looked quite sexy) brought tons of Twitter users to her mentions to comment on her excellent makeup skills and his supportiveness.

Insert all the heart eye emojis and stars here because this couple is ridiculously cute.

While most people were supportive, the ignorant section of Twitter tried to rain on their parade with homophobic comments. Luckily the happy couple ignored the negativity and told BuzzFeed’s Remy Smidt they would be back with more looks as she earns her Coachella cash from slaying her boyfriend’s face.

Bask in more of his glorious makeover below:

With rumors of Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar headlining the outdoor festival, Snyder will surely do whatever it takes to make sure she gets tickets for a least one of the April weekends. It’s incredibly thoughtful and brave of her boyfriend to allow her to post pictures of him in full makeup for the world to see. He may be young, but thankfully his masculinity isn’t so fragile that he can’t support his girlfriend’s talents and dreams.

Somebody give this couple tickets to Coachella stat.