Kardashian sisters fight to keep Blac Chyna from having trademarked Kardashian name

Another day, another story to add to the never-ending arguments in the Kardashian family. The Kardashian ladies and their brother, Rob, have been somewhat at odds since he began dating model Blac Chyna (aka Kylie’s boyfriend’s ex). Now, the Kardashian sisters don’t want Blac Chyna to have a trademarked Kardashian name.

As everyone in America knows, Blac Chyna and Rob recently welcomed their baby girl, Dream Kardashian, and are engaged to be married. This means that Blac Chyna will go from being Angela Renee White to Angela Kardashian. And, since it’s going to be her new legal name, she decided to request to trademark Angela Renee Kardashian back in May. Months later, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are not amused and decided to file an opposition to the request on Dec. 1. Uh oh.

In the court filing, they said they have already laid claim to the Kardashian name with their clothing lines, fragrances, endorsements, and reality TV shows. And, they said they will keep spreading the Kardashian name around the world through these same types of deals. The Kardashian krew feels like her using the name Angela Renee Kardashian would confuse consumers and cause damage to their business pursuits. So far, Blac Chyna and Rob haven’t commented on the incident, but a response will surely be filed to this opposition. The drama continues…

Yes, the Kardashians have built a formidable brand, and their last name has become a staple in pop culture. People young and old recognize the Kardashian name for many reasons, so it’s a major part of who they are as women and public figures. However, once Blac Chyna marries their brother, a Kardashian, and takes on his last name, she has some claim to the name as well. Perhaps she wants to leave her Blac Chyna moniker behind and to start going by her legal name for future business pursuits. She is a public figure as well, and there’s good reason to trademark her name to prevent some random nutcase from using it for their own profit. Hell, if I were marrying someone with a famous last name, I’d protect my name and use it as a part of my personal branding too.

Speaking of branding, Blac Chyna isn’t doing anything different from what the Kardashian sisters do – reality TV, endorsements, etc. — so how can she really cause damage to the Kardashian name? The entire world knows she’s not some hidden Black Kardashian sister, so there’s no confusion in that area. And, since her daughter has the Kardashian last name, are they going to try to block her from trademarking Dream Kardashian too?

It all seems to boil down to being a bit petty, but nothing new there.