This mom bodies Da Brat’s “Funkdafied” and we love her for it

There comes a time in every mom’s life when she has to let her child know about the wonders of the music from back in her day. It’s a mom/auntie/grandma rite of passage. One mom must’ve grown so tired of listening to her son bump 21 Savage that she decided to rap some “real rap” for him in a video he’ll cherish forever.

And what exactly does “real rap” consist of for this mom? In a viral video posted to Twitter, the mom bodies the 1994 hit “Funkdafied” that she recorded especially for her son. Twitter user @CookJustice’s mom quickly went viral after he posted her in the car rapping every word to “Funkdafied” while dancing (as much as she could while driving). “I’m on the roll in control like Janet, dammit. Right to the funk and they can’t handle it,” she raps.

Everything about this video is perfect. But possibly the best thing about it is her putting two fingers to her lips as if she’s smoking while rapping “straight to the head like a chronic sac.” Yo! Whose mom is this? She is definitely invited to the cookout pending a thorough investigation.

According to @CookJustice, Mom sent the video to him with the caption, “21 savage who?? this real rap.” Normally we balk at the discussions on real rap because hip-hop is diverse enough for all kinds of rap. Plus, the pontificating the “real hip-hop heads” do is exhausting. But we’re going to let this mom rock, because she just put her son on to Da Brat. And us ’80s babies remember when “Funkdafied” came out. It was huge! If you didn’t know the words, you weren’t cool.

Even the skeptic in us has disappeared for the sake of this nostalgia. Seeing how she dances and does hand gestures to match the lyrics, this can’t be staged. She even stopped during the parts that said the N-word. SHE CAN COME TO THE COOKOUT. But we don’t need her to bring the potato salad.

How lucky is this kid to have this woman as a mom who shares her superb musical tastes with him. Bow down, dude. Your mom is OG cool. She ain’t new to this.; she’s true to this.