So, who thought ‘The Wall’ was a great name for a TV show in Trump’s America?

As if living in 2016 weren’t triggering enough, someone thought naming a TV show The Wall would be a good idea in Trump’s America. Hey network execs, you might want to put your thinking caps back on. The show was green-lit by NBC, and is going to be a gameshow hosted by Chris Hardwick. It’s apparently a 10-episode competition show where teams answer trivia questions by tossing a ball into the slots on a wall. Each hole has a cash value attached to it, and if the question is answered correctly, they win the cash money.

At this point, the Trump transition team might want to look into the method and adopt it in their immigration plans, since they haven’t really come up with anything better. Immigrants could toss balls into slots while reciting the national anthem or something and win a green card or permanent residency — maybe even citizenship.

I’m joking, obviously — that’s terrible, just like this show and life under Trump. But at this point, would it even be all that surprising if Trump turned immigration into a gameshow? The Wall. Seriously, everyone? If I catch any of you watching this show, you’re dead to me. It gets even worse when you hear what the producers think of the show.

It’s being produced by LeBron James’ production company, and he said of the show, “I’m excited about this series because it’s different than anything on TV right now. It’s got everything — excitement, drama, and action — and it’s something the entire family can watch and root for together,” James told Variety.

That sounds like exactly what Trump wants life to be like in America. Excitement! Drama! Xenophobia!

Paul Telegdy, president of late night programming for NBC added, “The Wall is a bit like life, it rewards people who are both smart and lucky.” Ugh, OK, I know this is just a stupid gameshow, but naming a show The Wall and then saying that life rewards people who can answer dumb questions and are “lucky” is just not good. It’s not. You know who else thinks that just the smart and lucky are the ones who should get ahead?

People who vote for Trump. If immigrants are smart and lucky enough, maybe they’ll find a way around a border wall, like Melania Trump getting citizenship because of her career and marriage to an American. Or Trump being so smart and lucky he inherited wealth.

Listen, I like trivia games as much as the next person. Can we just not make it about a wall? I don’t want to hear anymore about a wall, ever, even if it is just a game.