Oprah lands Michelle Obama’s final interview as first lady — bring on the tears

It’s really happening. First Lady Michelle Obama is leaving the White House. And she picked a hell of a way to go out in her last White House interview as first lady of the United States of America. Oprah Winfrey — the queen of media— will conduct a one-on-one interview with FLOTUS at the place she’s called home for the past eight years.

Have your tissue box near for “First Lady Michelle Obama Says Farewell to the White House — An Oprah Winfrey Special” because you know Oprah is going to get all sentimental. And life lesson-y. We’re here for every second of it. The special is produced by OWN Studios (get those coins, auntie Oprah!) and will air on CBS Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. ET and again on OWN Dec. 21 at 9 ET.

According to CBS, Oprah will talk to the first lady “about her eight years as First Lady, her accomplishments in the White House and her plans for the future.” If only her plans for the future included staying in the White House for at least four more years. Shortly after her Democratic National Convention speech, a Gallup poll revealed she was at 64 percent approval rating, but as much as we’d love her to stay, in the December issue of VOGUE, she said “it’s time.”

And no, she will not run for president. Ever.

The last time Oprah and Michelle Obama got together for some girl chat (at the United State of Women Summit), it was a 43-minute conversation that ranged from talk of Prince singing at the White House, to if women can have it all, to president Obama’s swag. We can only hope Michelle O gives it to us raw and unfiltered. Straight, no chaser.

Because I’ll repeat it until my cheeks turn cherry red: I will miss Michelle Obama much more than I will president Obama. The grace, level-headedness, wit, eloquence, and honesty she has brought to the White House has been such a joy to watch. Michelle Obama is the first first lady to have racism hurled her way. It’s fair to say the pressure on her shoulders and the stakes were much higher. Through it all, she prevailed with her held head high, looking fly while doing it. And in my humble opinion, she’s the best damn first lady this country has ever seen.

The Obamas’ legacy will forever be cemented in history long after they’ve left 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Policies, wins, and failures aside — the Obamas’ image in the White House will be what has the most lasting impact. For the entire world to see two black, Ivy League advanced degree holders married, with a dark skin black woman on the president’s arms, that alone has changed minds. Black girls and boys think they can be president now because the president has hair like them. Representation matters. And Michelle Obama has represented wonderfully.

Bring on the waterworks with this interview, Oprah. My body is ready.