8 gifts for people who are obsessed with Solange and everything the younger Knowles does

One of the few bright spots in 2016 was the release of Solange’s album A Seat at the Table. Understated, smart, passionate, and unlike anything else, it proved Knowles the Younger had earned her place among today’s R&B greats. Which is why you probably need gifts for people who are obsessed with Solange this holiday.

Now that Solange has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best R&B Performance category for “Cranes in the Sky,”  the mainstream music world is starting to recognize what diehard fans have known all along: namely, do not sleep on this talent. (BTW, if you haven’t seen the gorgeous, dreamlike video for this song, get on it. Stat.) The artist who was once referred to as “Beyonce’s younger sister” has in fact contributed a whole lot of greatness to pop music. Instead of sticking to one basic style, her songs range from the quirky soul rhythms of “Losing You” to the black empowerment/affirmation of “Don’t Touch My Hair,” even veering into bizarre comedy with her hook on The Lonely Island’s “Semicolon,” a song about how not to use everyone’s favorite confusing punctuation mark.

It’s no surprise, then, that being totes obsessed with Solange is a serious thing in 2016. Here are our favorite gift ideas for the Solange-oholic in your life.

Origami/Paper Crane Necklace by Substance Jewelry, $38

Crane necklace
CREDIT: Substance Jewelry

OK, it’s not actually origami and it’s kind of on the nose, but this metal crane necklace with ethically sourced plating is so pretty. For those times when, like Solange, you just want to fly away. Bonus: the crane is a symbol of good luck and longevity.

Perfect Lie Dress by C/Meo, $141.53 ($189.95 AUD)

Perfect Lie dress

The soft color palette of the “Cranes in the Sky” video plus the freaking sweet aesthetic of Solange’s own fashion line, at a slightly lower price. Solange is working with Australian label C/Meo to create her one-of-a-kind pieces, so this is definitely in the category of WWSD (What Would Solange Do).

A Seat at the Table Art Book by Saint Heron, $51.98

A Seat at the Table book
CREDIT: Saint Heron

You know that fashion line we mentioned earlier? It’s part of Saint Heron, Solange’s online fashion/news/music/culture/art platform. And one of the items you can buy on Saint Heron is the art book for A Seat at the Table, which comes with 112 pages of photography and lyrics from and relating to her hit album. Sort of like high-class liner notes for the 21st century, except way better.

Venus 2 Eyeshadow Palette by Limecrime, $34

Venus eyeshadow
CREDIT: Limecrime

We all love Solange’s bold outfits, and what really elevates them to the next level is her fearlessly colorful makeup. Your eyes can get her superstar look on a normal-person budget with Limecrime’s strong pigments.

Flamingo Pink Faceted Eco Resin Ring with Gold Flakes by Sloane Jewelry Design, $33

Resin gold flakes ring
CREDIT: Sloane Jewelry Design

Reminiscent of this stunning full-body gold look. Sadly, most of us don’t have occasions to dress head to toe in gold dust, but we can still take inspiration from it. This stacking ring gives you the chance to wear a little bit of Solange-style splendor on your hand every day.

The Revolution Will Be Intersectional Mug by For Harriet, $17.49

The revolution will be intersectional
CREDIT: For Harriet

Well, it will. Judging by her music, which is unapologetically pro-black womanhood and feminist, Solange is very aware of how important intersectionality is to positive social change. Get the sweet flavor of intersectional awareness with your morning coffee.

Flourish Definition T-shirt by Dear Naturalista, $30

Flourish T-shirt
CREDIT: Dear Naturalista

Dear Naturalista, an online store aimed at women with natural hair, celebrates the beauty and power of black women outside of oppressive Eurocentric norms. A similar spirit shines through Solange’s music, most obviously in “Don’t Touch My Hair,” but throughout her work as a whole. This “Flourish” shirt is a reminder that you deserve to prosper in your success, and encourages the people you meet to flourish too!

Solange Don’t Touch My Hair T-shirt by Solglo, $21.41

A Seat at the Table T-shirt
CREDIT: Solglo/Redbubble

A portrait of the lady herself. Spread the word, spread the love, and proclaim your support while keeping your look right.

Whether you want to splurge or save, there’s a Solange-inspired gift here for any budget. And if you end up buying one or two of these gifts for yourself instead, just think of it as joining in the Solange love.