This Tumblr is curating all the tweets from Trump voters who already regret their choice

Barring a ballot recount or some freaking amazing news from the electoral college, Donald J. Trump will soon be president of the United States (if you got through that sentence without retching, you are stronger than I). Until then, we must find joy where we can, like this Tumblr of tweets from voters who regret supporting Trump. Their tears are sweet with the delicious flavor of schadenfreude.

The Trumpgrets Tumblr collects tweets at and about Trump lambasting him for failures such as not fulfilling his campaign promises, making bad decisions about cabinet appointments, and being a shitbag on Twitter. “I really hope my vote was not wasted,” one typical Trumpgret tweet says. “I work for $2 less than the men and do twice the work it’s not fair!!!” Oh, for real? Who’d have guessed the pro-sexual assault candidate wouldn’t step up when it came to the gender pay gap?

A few high-profile names pop up among the general voting public, such as Ann Coulter, who admits Trump might not be the best person for the job after all, but in a way that disavows any responsibility on her part: “Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. The voters did what we could. If Trump sells out, it’s not our fault.” Aside from Coulter totally missing the point of voting, what’s troubling about this tweet is that she puts two spaces after a period. On Twitter. Monstrous.

The disappointment has even gone international. Trumpgrets has captured an exchange between regretful voter Daniel Salomon and Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), a racist/fascist organization in England. Salomon informs Robinson that Trump’s tweets “are starting to make me regret voting for him.” Sad times, bro. It’s even sadder that you didn’t have the internet until now, because otherwise you’d have seen his terrible pre-campaign tweets, like the one using the anniversary of Sept. 11 to lash out at “haters and losers.”

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CREDIT: Trumpgrets/Tumblr

In the face of such tragedy, there is only one response: to point and laugh mockingly at these people, like Nelson from The Simpsons. And as wrong as it normally is to laugh at others’ misfortune, it’s one of the few things about this election that brings any kind of joy. It also gives a tiny glimmer of hope that maybe some of the voters who put Trump in power might be part of the movement against him in the near future. Hell hath no fury like an electorate scorned, and unless he shapes up (which, let’s be honest, he probably won’t), there are going to be a lot more angry voters who aren’t on his side.