A badass all-female biker club delivers breast milk to premature babies in New York

In the male-dominated world of biker clubs, women are kicking ass and saving lives ― like these awesome female bikers delivering breast milk to babies in need. The Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club in New York has teamed up with the New York Milk Bank (NYMB), a nonprofit organization that provides donated breast milk to babies whose mothers are unable to produce it. Since New York traffic is the ninth circle of gridlock hell, getting deliveries to receiving centers on time can be near-impossible. When breast milk is involved, timeliness could mean the difference between life and death for a tiny baby, especially since many of the babies who receive donations from the NYMB are premature, sick, or in the NICUs. Plus, express same-day delivery is out of the question, as the fees are much too high for a nonprofit like the NYMB to handle.

So, NYMB executive director Julie Bouchet-Horwitz came up with a way to bypass traffic and get those babies fed: motorcycles. Specifically, women on motorcycles who could move in and out of traffic much more quickly than women in cars or vans. “I immediately thought of women because of the female connection between all of us. It’s women who are donating milk and nursing their babies,” Bouchet-Horwitz told The Huffington Post.

Womens motorcycle club 2
CREDIT: New York Post/YouTube

To get the job done, she turned to the Sirens, the oldest and largest women’s biker club in New York, which unanimously voted to help out the NYMB and have delivered thousands of ounces of breast milk to babies in need.

The Sirens were founded 30 years ago with the aim of creating a women’s space in the dudelands of motorcycle clubs. Although news outlets often describe them as a lesbian or LGBTQ biker club (possibly because the club’s most prominent community activity is leading the motorcycle portion of New York’s annual Pride march), its members are “beautifully diverse in age, race, profession, sexual orientation, and personal style,” as president Jen Baquiel wrote in an email to Bustle.

Sirens NYC
CREDIT: Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club/Facebook

Baquiel hopes that their work with the NYMB will inspire young girls to follow their own strength in ways that help others. “Little girls, when they see us on the road, they light up,” she said in an interview with The New York Post. “Like, wow, we can ride motorcycles like that. So I think when we deliver breast milk, it’s going to be that much cooler.”

In other words, on top of saving lives, the Sirens are also helping nurture the next generation of badass women.