Congress allocates even more money for Planned Parenthood investigation leading nowhere

Since politicians talk a lot of game about small government and saving American tax dollars from being frivolously spent, can someone please explain why the House Judiciary Committee just doubled the budget for the investigation into Planned Parenthood? The investigation is being conducted by a 14-member committee calling itself the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, and earlier this month, it was able to get $800,000 approved for its little detective game. This is in addition to the already approved $790,000 in the budget, which means the committee’s going to spend $1.5 million in one year to try and prove that Planned Parenthood is illegally selling aborted fetuses’ tissue and organs.

The panel is made up of the most anti-choice of all anti-choice House Republicans, led by Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, who… really, everyone, we need to start paying attention to Blackburn. She’s BFFs with Pence when it comes to wanting to close Planned Parenthood and she’s on the Trump transition team, likely to have a role in the administration (even if it’s just making sure Congress continues to get in the way of women’s civil rights).

On the official website of the investigation, which is a federal domain, the committee calls the hearings a look into “horrific” practices. That sounds like less of an objective, rational investigation into an organization that receives federal funding (for now at least) and more of a witch hunt.

We know what Republicans are like when trying to prove something they believe to be true that is definitely not true (remember the Hillary Clinton hearings on her emails and Benghazi?). This is never going to end — $1.5 million is just the beginning.

After the videos made by the Center for Medical Progress reportedly showed Planned Parenthood employees trying to sell fetal tissue, 12 states launched investigations into Planned Parenthood, and not one of them found any illegal activity. But evidence and facts can’t get in the way of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives (you have to say that in a movie trailer voice so it doesn’t sound so pathetic). They’ve somehow convinced Americans and anti-choice activists that this is about killing “baby body parts.” (I’m not going to link to that because it’s the sort of thing that’s written in flashy fonts on websites of fake or almost-fake news sites, like Life News or OK, I just made that one up, but that’s where you’ll find people trying to convince other people that Planned Parenthood dismembers small children after “ripping” them from a woman’s womb, in our president-elect’s verbiage.)

Much like probes into Clinton just wasted taxpayer money, this one will likely go the same way. What the GOP is doing is wasteful, pointless, and inevitably damaging. But it’s going to be a long time until there’s any common sense back in Congress, so it looks like we’ll all just keep watching and waiting.