One of Trump’s picks for secretary of state would have to let his probation officer know he got the job

When it comes to Team Trump, you can’t make this stuff up. At all. First, we got a white supremacist in the White House. Then, Mitt Romney and Trump sharing diver scallops at Jean Georges, like Scrooge McDuck and Richie Rich. Now, if the rumors are true and Trump nominates David Petraeus as secretary of state, the former general will have to alert his probation officer.

Hey, no judgement on anyone who has a probation officer, because that just means you’re still doing time. But it’s not like Petraeus can’t leave his home state of North Carolina because he got caught selling an eighth of weed — he was sentenced to two years of probation in April 2015 because he gave his biographer and mistress classified information. And Trump wants him not only in his administration, but possibly as secretary of state.

Pssst — remember that former secretary of state who was in big trouble with voters for how they handled classified emails? Yeah, you know. Remember when Trump told Hillary Clinton that he would lock her up because of mishandling classified info? Remember when the FBI didn’t charge her with any crime for those emails? OK, cool, just wanted to make sure we all really appreciated the irony here (I’m crying through my LOLs).

I mean, seriously, these wealthy powerful white men have it soooo good. Who else could get away with this kind of thing? His whole campaign was about how Clinton mishandled classified information and how America could only be great if officials really knew what a “C” meant on a document. And now he’s meeting with a man who was actually charged because the FBI found 300 classified docs on his mistress’ computer (that it’s his mistress and not say, a top aide employed by the State department, is just the icing on the cake with this story). Even if Trump doesn’t nominate him, the fact that Petraeus is even in the same room as the president-elect is bad enough.

Oh, by the way, according to North Carolina’s probation guidelines, he would also be subject to warrantless searches and his probation officer would have access to his personal computer, cell phone, and all his stuff. The hypocrisy is astounding. But what’s really fascinating is the mental gymnastics that Trump supporters have to do. He wants to fix Wall Street, but appointed a Goldman Sachs guy as treasury secretary. There’s a white supremacist sitting next to the president-elect, but no one is racist. Trump talked so much crap about Romney, and now he might be up for a cabinet position, too. And Trump isn’t joking or even trying to worm his way out of these hypocrisies. Everyone just has to take it.

Let’s hope that someone stops Petraeus’ nomination, because I can’t imagine that Trump wants his supporters to know he’s full of shit so early into his presidency. This is a joke, right?