Beyoncé’s holiday collection is as flawless as you’d expect

If you’re having trouble trying to think about what you want to give (or receive) over the holidays, look no further than Beyoncé’s holiday store, where everything has a perfectly on point Lemonade/holiday pun and looks cozy AF. Actually, screw giving, this is the kinda shit you should just buy for yourself. After you make donations to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, or some other progressive non-profit in all your family members’ names, you deserve a treat. And an oversized hoodie that says “I Sleigh All Day” is definitely that treat.

If you’re not into puns (that’s a good one, can we all just agree on that?), there are other good choices — like sweatpants with “Boy Bye” written on the backside. They’re $60, but they look like a solid investment, especially because it sends a clear message to any jerk you might encounter who dares to demand that you smile or tell him how you’re doing.

Beyoncé made “boy bye” the new “fuck off” with Lemonade, and for that I will be forever grateful. If you aren’t in the market for holiday crop tops and hoodies, there’s also just rolls of wrapping paper and other Lemonade-themed clothes, no Christmas spirit included. Here are my favorite picks.

Wrapping paper


If you wrap something in this, you win the holiday party.

“Sleigh All Day” crop top 

beyonce crop

I mean, how is this not what you’re wearing to that work party you have to go to?

And the hoodie

bey hoodie

All day.

“Boy Bye” sweats

boybye 2

I told you you’d want all of these. Beyoncé doesn’t disappoint over the holidays, or ever. In 2014, she had an ugly Christmas sweater from the “7/11″ video that fans could buy. And let’s not forget that Beyoncé and Jay Z get super hardcore when it comes to Halloween, too. They are some festive motherfuckers, no matter the season.

There’s still other Lemonade merch on her website in case you aren’t into Christmas colors and missed out on the Formation tour. There’s a “Hold Up” hat with a little bat-wielding Beyoncé on the front and shirts that say “Slay Or You Get E[Lemon]ated.”

The holiday stuff doesn’t ship until mid-December, but if you want to get your hands on something, you should probably pull the trigger now before the Bey Hive obsessives clean out the store. Nothing says holiday spirit like fighting over the last pair of “boy bye” underwear.