27 percent of European men think rape is totally OK sometimes

Sure, the U.S. elected an alleged sexual abuser known for boasting about how wealth enables him to get away with sexual assault to the presidency, but if it’s any comfort whatsoever (it’s probably not), know that Europe is just as fucked up. According to a survey conducted by the European Commission, a staggering 27 percent of male Europeans think rape is A-OK sometimes. So, if the election of Donald Trump had you ready to be a Europe-bound expatriate, maybe reconsider?

Men were asked if sex without consent could be excused or justified if women engaged in one or all of a list of “asking for it” behaviors, including flirtation and wearing “provocative” clothing, alcohol and drug use, lack of fighting back or clearly saying “no,” walking alone at night, being promiscuous, or voluntarily going home with someone. Additionally, the survey asked if rape could be excused if the abuser went on to regret their actions or were drunk and incognizant.

The survey’s results were, well, soul crushing. Of the 30,000 Europeans who responded, 27 percent of young men and 20 percent of young women responded that nonconsensual sex was acceptable in either one or all of the circumstances listed. The countries with the highest number of responders who indicated indifference or tolerance for sexual assault were in eastern Europe: Romania, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Between 45 and 55 percent of respondents in Romania and Hungary were likely to excuse rape.

These numbers are substantially lower in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands, with just 6 to 15 percent of responders sympathizing with rapists.

The circumstances listed within the survey all place blame on the victims of sexual assault, as if their own actions caused their experience, rather than their attacker actively making a choice to abuse and degrade them. Poor understanding of sexual assault and misogynistic cultural values have created a toxic environment for victims, pressuring them to hold their tongues rather than be shamed and blamed upon coming forward.

No mass survey has been conducted to look into American attitudes about the acceptability of assault, but the fact that so many came to Trump’s defense to deny that nonconsensual pussy grabbing constitutes sexual assault, and that enough Americans voted to elect a man who allegedly has more experience with nonconsensual groping than public service, says a lot about the acceptability of rape culture in America. I defy you to think of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s legacy fighting sexual assault coming to this while managing to hold back tears.