Model Jazz Egger is re-captioning her Instagram photos to reflect the reality behind each

The prevalence of social media means we’re surrounded by flawless images of gorgeous models 24/7. For us mere mortals, that can induce some serious jealousy pangs. As this model re-captioning her Instagram photos with behind-the-scenes info reminds us, however, these images — and the standards of beauty they promote — are totally artificial.

Jazz Egger, a model living in London, is changing the captions of her old Instagram posts and adding the hashtag #TruthBehindThisShot to reflect what actually went on during the photoshoots. From the difficulty of holding poses for selfies to sleepless nights and body shaming, the edited captions reveal the tough reality beneath the photos we idealize.

On what looks like a candid late-night mirror selfie, for example, Egger wrote, This took me like 15min to take and I was close to falling off my bed because I had to make my legs look slim.” A cool backstage pic from London Fashion Week now details the sacrifices she made for that single week and lets us in on models’ secret skin breakouts: “I didn’t sleep much the night before because Fashion Week is pure madness. I didn’t eat/drink salt, sugar, fat and alcohol for months to prevent my skin from breaking out. Didn’t work. Makeup artists covered it up.”

Oh DAMN. Can you imagine cutting out the tastiest foods from your diet for months, and then still having your skin break out on the big day? Hopefully Egger got to eat a mountain of salty, sugary fat and down some top-quality alcohol as soon as she was done.

More troubling, though, is Egger’s new caption on a lingerie photo, which recalls being told to lose weight despite being underweight at the time. “My agency told me on that day that my hips were way too wide and that I needed to lose weight in order to have a chance at London Fashion Week. I already was underweight so I decided to not lose any weight. I still got confirmed for LFW.” What. The. Hell. Although Egger managed to stand her ground, there must be so many models whose agencies are telling them to change their body shapes regardless of the health consequences. It might be standard practice, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

Revelations like these have made #TruthBehindThisShot an Instagram success. As one user commented, “I think it is great that you are opening up this hashtag and sharing your truths….I think the industry has gone crazy – and in the haze of craving perfection have forgotten what true beauty is. Thanks for sharing your stories.” In a world where even the most beautiful women are told they aren’t beautiful enough, Egger’s Instagram captions help to highlight how fake and harmful these standards are.