James Deen’s career wasn’t really hurt by all the sexual assault allegations against him

In case you were wondering, being accused of sexual assault isn’t something that gets in the way of a man’s career. And it’s not just the president-elect who didn’t let rape allegations get in the way of the White House, but porn star James Deen is still being honored for his work, even though almost 12 women accused him of sexual assault last year. OK — his career took a little hit, but it’s not like he’s been ostracized or frozen out altogether. Actually, he’s been nominated for 12 AVN Awards and six XBIZ awards for his work in porn, AND two websites he owns also got some noms. Last year, he received 33 AVN nominations, so sure, it’s about half the honors.

But all of the current nominations are for work shot after he was publicly accused of rape by Stoya, another porn star and his ex-girlfriend, which means that casting directors and producers were A-OK with hiring an accused sexual offender. After Stoya accused him, other women came out with similar stories, too. Deen denied all the allegations and claimed he’s “baffled” by them.

Lily LaBeau called a scene she shot with Deen “the most traumatic thing that’s happened to me,” so anyone hiring the porn star is possibly handing that alleged trauma out to other women. Deen allegedly stepped into a group BDSM scene that he wasn’t supposed to be in and began interacting with LaBeau, which is apparently a common thing for actors to do. What’s not common is doing things to each other that they don’t want done.

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Before any porn scene, and especially BDSM, actors tell each other what’s on their list of “no’s,” and Deen was well aware of LaBeau’s. But she claims he didn’t care and used a cattle prod to shock her, even as she was telling him that was on her “no” list.

Joanna Angel, who also accused Deen of rape, tweeted last year, “He’s dead on the inside and dead to me . He’s literally the worst person I’ve ever met . That’s all I’ll say for now.”

Yet he’s still being paid and honored for his work. Even though he hasn’t been convicted of a crime, the numerous allegations against him should raise some questions for those hiring him (or consuming his work).

But this is something our culture just does, right? When a woman accuses a man of sexual assault, we blame her. We question her story and find excuses for the accused attacker. If survivors are lucky enough and diligent enough to charge a man, like Brock Turner, a judge gives the man a light sentence so his “life isn’t ruined.” That Deen continues to work and receive accolades is outrageous. Allegedly using a cattle prod when he wasn’t supposed to should be reason enough to keep him off sets.

Instead, Deen’s up for almost 20 awards. Nice job, everyone.