Nas is selling black “Kneeling Santa” holiday sweaters to raise money for justice reform

Everything, or almost everything, about the legendary Queens emcee is perfect, but now Nas is selling “Kneeling Santa” sweaters this holiday season through his clothing company HSTRY solidifying his GOAT status. The Santa kneeling is black. And the proceeds will go to Center for Court Innovation, a non-profit centered on reducing incarceration and justice reform. When will your fave ever?


Last year the ugly Christmas sweater trend was turned into a pop culture hustle. Rapper 2 Chainz’s “Dabbing Santa” sweater generated $2 million in revenue, which went to his non-profit organization, T.R.U. (To Reassure U) Foundation, which helps Atlanta families and youth with the goal of building stronger communities. This year the legendary emcee who gave the world one of the best hip hop albums ever created (Illmatic) is following suit with the “Kneeling Santa” crew neck sweater.

The special edition sweaters come in red, black, and green — the colors of the Pan-African flag. If you’re wondering why the black Santa is on one knee, it’s in honor of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who chooses to kneel during the National Anthem in protest of police brutality.

A black Santa. Check. Kneeling in protest of police brutality. Check. Support for Kaepernick who has been crucified by idiots and racists who think kneeling during the National Anthem “disrespects veterans.” Check. Proceeds being donated to justice reform. Check. Pan-African flag colors. Check. Black power fists on each side of Santa. Check.

So, essentially this is the blackest thing you’ll see this Christmas season. Seriously. It’s blackity, black, black, black.

While the dab Christmas sweater didn’t move me (my younger cousin’s had to have one!), this is something that gets me on a deeply spiritual level. I may buy one in every color, or hand them out as gifts to people who could use a little reminder to protest/speak out/donate/volunteer for causes that disproportionately affect black communities. Hopefully Kaepernick sees this and supports it too. Wouldn’t it be dope if it sold out in the way Kaepernick’s jersey sold out amidst the backlash against his protest?

Mostly I’m just waiting on my invite to an ugly Christmas sweater party so I can rock the hell out of this. Now only if I could decide on the red, black, or green. The “Kneeling Santa” crew sweater can be purchased on HSTRY for $45!