Suspect killed by police after injuring at least 9 in Ohio State University attack

On Monday morning, the suspect in the Ohio State University attack was shot dead by police after injuring at least nine people. The attacker first drove a car into pedestrians and then exited the car and stabbed people with a butcher knife. The scene is now secure.

Ohio State University officials said the situation was reported around 10 a.m. ET as an “active shooter” situation and the school had everyone shelter in place. The investigation is still ongoing, but a statement from university officials said the “injuries include stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle and other injuries that are being evaluated.” They also said that the “facts are still being verified.” All classes were cancelled for the day, and the FBI and ATF are on the scene aiding in the investigation.

The suspect was shot by police shortly after the shelter in place warning went out to the campus and some students barricaded themselves in classrooms. After driving over a curb into a crowd of people, witnesses said the suspect got out and began chasing people. Student Jacob Bowers told ABC News the suspect was “chasing people around trying to attack them. Luckily there were so many people he couldn’t focus on one target.”

Bowers added that he didn’t see anyone get stabbed, but he did see an officer shoot the stabber. Even more terrifying is that the attacker didn’t say anything, “which was almost scarier,” according to Bowers.

The attack appeared to be orchestrated. First a fire alarm was pulled, according to witnesses, and when students ran out of a building, the car was waiting out front, ready to run them over.

The suspect’s motives are unknown, but officials did say he was an 18-year-old student at Ohio State and a Somali refugee who is a legal resident in the United States. Of course, Republicans are already harping on the fact that the alleged attacker was a refugee. Ann Coulter tweeted “#diversityisbeautiful” shortly after his nationality was released and then retweeted an article from the Center for Immigration Studies (which sounds like a legit think tank until you click on the link and see that it’s obviously run by terrible people, like Coulter herself, dedicated to fear mongering). The Center for Immigration Studies and conservatives would like everyone to know that the United States resettled 9,000 immigrants last year (it was actually 8,600, but who’s counting).

What’s super scary is that some idiot might listen to talking heads like Coulter and assume all refugees could be terrorists. No one knows the attacker’s motives yet, and simply being Somali doesn’t make it a political act.

Hopefully authorities will know soon what was behind the attack.