Science says we’re all dating six people, so good for us I guess

If you’re anything like me, you’re dating like 25 people right now (this could not be more of a hilarious joke). But apparently, science says nowadays the average person is dating six people at a time, which sounds so limited (again, this is a joke, I can barely find one person I want to spend more than 12 minutes with)!!!!

Apparently, all of the cool people eHarmony Australia surveyed didn’t want to commit to one person because they already had so many people who kind of sort of fulfilled their needs individually (I’m looking at you, modern day Rory Gilmore, but no judgment also).

The study also found that 64 percent of single people had been ghosted by a date in the last year, which, duh, and 51 percent of their cool hip singles had also ghosted someone before, which, also duh.

In further mind-blowing (not at all) findings, Nicole McInnes, Director of eHarmony Australia, told Cosmopolitan that their research found people had “a lot of dissatisfaction in the outcomes of many dating apps.”

So, really, I guess the question here remains what “dating” six people really looks like. If it’s “texting multiple people or chatting with them on dating apps and making vaguely realistic plans to actually meet up some time,” then yeah, I can see that being a reality for a lot of people. But if it’s actually going on IRL dates with 6 different people on a regular basis, that just sounds like the zany plot of a romcom and I’m sorry, but I simply cannot buy it. Some people, sure, but most people???

I hardly have time in my schedule for having a meaningful conversation with someone who I think is genuinely cool and will hopefully not become a ghost out of nowhere, especially when they were honestly texting me a little too much for comfort before. Seriously, wtf is that phenomenon???

Anyway, there are so many of these studies coming out worldwide about how we’re all too fickle and dating too many people and can’t settle down and are ghosting in record numbers, but no one seems to have any solutions to this problem. I think this is roughly the 200th study like this that lands on the fact that no one is happy with dating apps, yet everyone’s on them.

It’d be nice if there were a study that focused on what people really wanted out of apps, why they weren’t getting it elsewhere, and, you know, if there’s any hope for us at all. Just an idea.