Donald Trump is so bad at losing, he’s actually making a case for a recount

Although there is no evidence of voter fraud or Russians hacking into voting machines, Jill Stein somehow managed to raise enough money to initiate a recount in Wisconsin while we were all stuffing our faces with turkey and mashed potatoes over the holiday. And in his own pompous, ignorant way, Donald Trump is backing the recount. Of an election that, by all accounts, he won. OK — he’s not backing the recount so much as inadvertently making a case for it. He went on a Twitter rant Saturday calling the whole thing a “scam” and a “ridiculous” attempt by the Green Party candidate to “fill her coffers.” But then, because he is a goon and there was no Saturday Night Live to make fun of Sunday morning, Trump kept going. And going, and going.

First, he quoted the Clinton campaign, tweeting, “‘Trump is going to be our President. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.’ So much time and money will be spent —same result! Sad.” But then he started to allege that there were millions of undocumented immigrants who came out to vote for Clinton. Of course, there is no evidence of this either. Trump just can’t stand that he lost the popular vote by more than 2 million votes, even though he won the whole election. Still, he is alleging that in Virginia, New Hampshire, and California there was “serious voter fraud.

That is seriously the most irresponsible thing a president-elect could say. Not just because he is casting doubt on the American electoral system (which he is doing), but because, if you follow his logic that there really were “millions of people who voted illegally” in states he lost, who’s to say that didn’t happen everywhere? Say, in Wisconsin, where the Green Party initiated a recount. Trump is so obsessed with winning that he can’t bear the thought that he lost the popular vote, which would be sort of amusing if the future weren’t so bleak and dark and scary.

He can’t just sit down quietly and take pleasure in the fact that he won the Electoral College, which is the actual way to win an American election. But more voters didn’t want a failed steak salesman in the White House than those who did. There are millions of people who do not like Trump, and he can actually count them. That probably keeps him up at night. He cannot deal knowing that he kind of lost. Back when there was still a modicum of hope for the country, Trump threatened to challenge the election results if he lost, but now he’s claiming they’re wrong even though he technically won. Will this ever end?

Remember: there is no evidence that the voting machines in Wisconsin were tampered with or, as Trump suggests, that anyone voted “illegally.” But if Trump insists that there was massive voter fraud in three states that went to Clinton, there could just as easily be a reason to suspect fraud in states that voted for him.

On Monday morning, Trump was back to tweeting about Cuba, so it looks like Kellyanne Conway or someone smarter than him finally took the phone out of his hand so he could stop digging himself into a hole and encouraging a recount that he doesn’t actually want.