A queer woman paid for a family’s dinner after hearing their homophobic convo

It can be hard to show love to a person when they hate an integral part of your existence. But, one queer woman showed us it could be done when she paid for a family’s dinner after hearing their homophobic conversation. Natalie Woods was grabbing a bit to eat at Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar in Addison, Texas earlier this month when she overheard a horrifying discussion at a nearby table. A man was talking to other patrons at the table about how “disgusted” he was when he found out his nephew had come out as a gay man. The other people in the group began to offer their prayers for Jesus to “cure” him of his gayness like being gay is a terrible disease.

Woods, who grew up in the Christian faith, decided to take a page out of Jesus’ book and respond to the conversation in a kind manner. She listened to the very wise First Lady Michelle Obama and went higher by picking up their restaurant tab and leaving a message on the receipt to check them with a little classy shade. Her handwritten note was simple yet powerful, saying, “Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way.” She also added a quick “p.s.” to ask them to rethink their homophobic thoughts and be accepting of their nephew.

Woods left the restaurant before she was able to see their reaction to her note, but she decided to post it on her Facebook page and it quickly caught people’s attention. Most applauded her for her kindness and bravery. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker showed support via an Instagram re-post of the receipt from Mic.

However, there were people on Facebook who felt like she may not have “heard the full conversation” or that she may have done more harm than good by not minding her own business. She shared several news links about her story on her page and says she is shocked that the post has blown up, but she’s glad it seems to be inspiring kindness and compassion from others.

Standing up for the LGBTQ community is nothing new for Woods. She is a committee member for OUTreach Denton, a Texas-based organization that provides support and resources for LGBTQ people in the Denton area. So, it’s no surprise that she couldn’t sit idle and listen to a family talk about their nephew as though he had some horrible affliction.

We’ll probably never know if her note made a positive impact on the family, but kudos to her for doing what she could.