The best Black Friday deals you can get from your couch without even getting dressed

Thanksgiving is a great, relaxing holiday filled with family bonding, delicious comfort food, and long movie marathons. Or, for those of us who don’t live in a Diane Keaton movie, it’s absolutely terrible. Which is why Black Friday deals are such a welcome distraction. Seriously, retail therapy can cure close to anything, including stressful Thanksgiving family time.

Think about it: you’re guilted into going home and spending time with people you aren’t really sure you like anymore after so many years in therapy, and you basically spend two whole days (because you have to fucking travel, too) hoping the wine keeps flowing and you’ll get a chance to sneak out into the garage and smoke a cigarette. It’s the worst. And there aren’t even any presents involved.

BUT! After you suffer (or thoroughly enjoy, whatever, lucky you) through the holiday, you can buy things for yourself, because you deserve it. And it is Black Friday after all. But you don’t have to act like an animal and push through crowds at the mall to get all the deals. There are plenty of online sales to take advantage of.

Go hit up your parent’s liquor cabinet, settle in with some leftovers, and start clicking on some some these Black Friday deals.

Joe’s Jeans

Skinny fit, fabulous flare // Shop our new micro flare fit from the link in the bio #joesjeans #rethinkyourdenim

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Already, there are deals to be had on denim. Until Sunday, you can get 25 percent off of everything with the promo code “Thank25.”


If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on one of those fancy cleansers, they’ll be 20 percent off on Black Friday. If you set a reminder, they’ll be 25 percent off on Monday. Decisions!


If you’re broke and just want some basics, H&M will have storewide sales and exclusive all-black Black Friday deals, like $4.99 sweaters. Let’s be real, all you wear is black anyway.

Modern Citizen 

If you have a little more cash to blow on clothes, scents, and jewels, Modern Citizen will have sales, free shipping, and a free tote bag and “mystery” gift card with your order.

The Outnet

If you really need designer labels but don’t want to totally blow your checking account, the Outnet’s annual clearance is this weekend and things will be up to 85 percent off.

W3ll People

This environmentally friendly makeup company will have 25 percent off all of their full size products, so you get a deal and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.


After stuffing your political views inside for a day, treat yourself to a feminist T-shirt for 20 percent off on Black Friday.


Copper nails ✔ Copper luxe #ghdplatinum ✔ Get both in our limited edition gift set. #ghdplatinum #ghdcopper #ghdimpact

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A good hair straightener is hard to find, but GHD will have their ceramic ones for 25 percent off all weekend. It’s time for an upgrade.

Bed Bath & Beyond

I know it sounds lame, but they’ll have really great sales all weekend. And you know you want a new coffee maker.


Nothing says “treat yo’ self” like a good moisturizer. Context is affordable and fancy. They’ll have a 25 percent off sale all weekend.

Oh, there are so many ways to waste money over Black Friday weekend. Just remember, holiday shopping comes later. This stuff is for you.