PSA: Don’t open a video link that’s crashing iPhones

There’s a new clip going around, but please don’t open this video link that’s crashing iPhones within a few seconds. The latest internet prank was discovered on Miaopai, a video app, and shows a five second video of a person standing beside what looks like a bed. The word “honey” flashes on the screen, and all seems to be normal for a while. But, as the unsuspecting iPhone user begins to try to use their phone, it starts to freeze up and jump to random applications. The frustrated user loses control over the phone as it fades to a black screen and completely crashes. No one wants this nonsense.

The viral video works on iPhones as far back as the iPhone 4 and tends to lock up the older phones faster. Luckily, the damage to the phone is only temporary and can be corrected with a hard reset of the phone. After the phone is reset, everything appears to function normally.

Apple has yet to say anything about this prank, but it is certainly not the first time it had to deal with a bug that crashes their devices. Last year, there was a glitch in the operating system that allowed users to send a specific string of characters in a text and crash a person’s phone without being read. This video is not as aggressive as the text message, since a person’s phone won’t be affected as long as the person doesn’t click the link. However, it is not a still not a smart idea to do anything that screws with your phone.

Even though the video doesn’t have lasting effects, there could be other underlying problems that don’t arise until later. What if it is a security hazard or it ends up causing damage to the operating system? Those are risks no one should want to willingly take with a phone that costs as much as a pair of Louboutins.

That being said, curiosity has a way of getting to everyone – even the suspicious iPhone users of the world. There is a safe YouTube clip that shows exactly what happens to different generations of iPhones after the video is watched. The video shows how each phone’s crash time varies depending on the generation of the iPhone and the operating system on the phone. It’s the best way to satisfy a need to know what happens without potentially ruining your phone. Check out the clip below:

Moral of the story – refresh your brain on Cybersecurity 101 and don’t click on weird links.