‘London Fields’ producers sue Amber Heard for $10 million, claiming she sabotaged the film

Producers of London Fields, a dystopian murder mystery film, are suing Amber Heard for $10 million for allegedly “sabotaging” the film, Variety reports. As evidence of this, Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner contend that Heard worked with director Matthew Cullen to try to remove some of the movie’s more provocative sex scenes and cut nudity, because god forbid a woman try to defend herself against sexual exploitation. After all, an actress’ body and sexuality are just commercial objects in the industry, aren’t they?

The lawsuit claims Heard agreed to the scenes in her contract and “understood the nature of the role … and the tenor of the screenplay, which was salacious, provocative, and contained nude scenes.” In London Fields, based on Martin Amis’ 1989 novel, Heard plays Nicola Six, a clairvoyant “femme fatale.”  Heard’s lawyers have so far declined to comment on the lawsuit.

London Fields was slated to premier at the Toronto Film Festival in 2015, but was pulled due to conflict between producers and Cullen. Cullen allegedly went $4.5 million over the $8 million budget, causing the film’s producers to take things into their own hands and produce a final version of the film, only for the film to be pulled. The producers then sued Cullen for fraud, alleging that the film’s cast sided with Cullen and refused to go along with postproduction requirements laid out by the producers, allegedly conspiring to sabotage the film’s prospects.

Cullen has since filed a countersuit, and Heard and fellow actors have maintained their silence. While the film’s producers allege the whole cast had a role in attempting to sabotage the film and stand in the way of its success (as if the movie’s general shittiness didn’t do a good enough job of this already), they hit Heard hardest of all. The lawsuit emphasizes that Heard’s objection to excessive nudity and sex was a huge source of conflict. As if we needed one more reminder of how misogyny, sexual objectification, and a lack of say for women remain pervasive issues in the industry.

Earlier this year, Heard alleged her husband, Johnny Depp, physically abused her throughout their 15-month marriage and settled the domestic violence case in August. Throughout the case, Heard was accused of making up the charges (despite having witnesses and a literal black eye) just for money, as women who dare to report abuse from powerful men so often are. Now, she’s being sued for $10 million over sex scenes, and it’s hard not to sympathize.