Justin Bieber punches young fan in the face, confirms he’s still a huge dick

We all know Justin Bieber is a huge dick. Not only are his songs so terrible that they stick in your head, he’s also just a big brat. Which is why this video of Justin Bieber punching a fan in the face in Barcelona isn’t very surprising. Bieber is in Europe right now on tour, and while driving around, a male fan ran up to the car and reached in. He pulled back and returned to his friends all bloodied, presumably because Bieber just clocked him.

The fan’s motives for reaching into the car aren’t totally clear — it looks like he may have wanted an autograph or something from Bieber. It didn’t seem like the fan was trying to hurt the little man-child, but he was pretty shocked and appalled afterwards, as you can see in the videos.

I’m a little surprised Bieber can even pack a punch at all, to be honest. He hasn’t made any official statement about the incident yet, and I know he’s a dick, but JUST TO BE FAIR, what would you have done if someone reached into your window? Maybe Bieber should have taken a minute and processed what the kid wanted, but if I was surprised, I might reflexively sucker punch someone, too. I can’t believe I’m sort of on the Biebs’ side. Does this make me a Belieber? Please send for help.

Remember this summer when some jerk ran up behind Gigi Hadid in Italy and lifted her up? She went wild on him until he ran away, and everyone was giving the model shit for being “too aggressive,” but shit — personal space is personal space. Sure, Hadid was in potentially more danger (and why do men think they can just fucking touch women when they want?), but Bieber did sort of the same thing. It would be a dick move on my part to defend Hadid and not Bieber. Even if he is a punk.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bieber had the window rolled down greeting fans, so it wasn’t a total shock that a fan should approach so close to the car. Bieber fans are insane. Whether or not punching a stranger for touching your face is justified, Bieber is still a dick. In Manchester last month, he stormed off stage because his fans wouldn’t “listen” to him. Goodness only knows what profound message Bieber wanted to impart on 14-year-old girls, but according to the pop star, their cheers were just flat out rude.

He said, “I feel like I wanna connect with you. The point of the no screaming thing is that when I’m looking at you in the eyes you know that we’re actually having a moment and having connection. So it’s not that I’m being an asshole, it simply me just wanting to have a moment.” No, Justin, you are just an asshole. That kind of shit will get you a punch in the face.