Trump won’t actually lock Clinton up, and Trump supporters should brace for more disappointments

Trumpists of America, we have bad news for you. Despite his earlier promise to go after his opposition with the full force of the law, it looks like Donald Trump won’t pursue charges against Hillary Clinton after all. Surprise, surprise: The Donald doesn’t plan on keeping his promises.

This must be a surprise, given how many of Trump’s campaign appearances were punctuated by his supporters and future advisers chanting “Lock her up!” in reference to the controversy surrounding Clinton’s emails. He described the emails as “the most heinous, the most serious thing that I’ve ever seen involving justice in the United States,” emphasizing that “she has to go to jail,” and proving in the process that he has an exceptionally short memory and didn’t pay attention in history class. Another driving force behind his desire to incarcerate Clinton was a “phony speech” she made about Trump, wherein she said some things he disagreed with. It was truly the insightful, sensitive behavior one expects from a president.

Yet during an interview on MSNBC, Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway confirmed that he has no interest in pressing charges against Clinton, noting that “when the president-elect… tells you before he’s even inaugurated that he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content.” That message is: “I am full of shit.”

South Florida Students Gather To Protest Donald Trump
CREDIT: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Let’s be real. He loves nothing except himself. He doesn’t care about “justice” one way or the other, as long as he gets the fame he wants.

Being president-elect means your staff has to justify your selfishness, though. In the same interview, Conway said Trump was “thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign are not among them.” While she may have meant to say that campaign time has given way to presidential business time, it sounds as though he’s deliberately ignoring the promises he made when campaigning, perhaps because he feels he no longer has to honor them now that he has the power. Not unlike what a small child imagines the president’s job to be, except that very small children have more empathy than he does.

Here’s a fun fact for the future, Trumpitos: when you vote for a self-aggrandizing fraud, sometimes they lie. Get ready for your guy to break many more promises over the next four years. For those of us who aren’t so into sexual assault and hate crimes, however, Trump’s blatant promise-breaking is a relief. Every time he fails to honor his campaign pledges, he makes America a little bit safer than it would be otherwise.