More women are learning how to beat some ass following Trump’s win

If you’re a perv contemplating whether or not to go around grabbing women by the pussy let me offer some sage advice — don’t. It’s gross and sexual assault, dude. But also, like, you may get your ass beat rolling up on the wrong woman. And it’s going to be well deserved. The Daily Beast reports a spike in enrollment in self-defense classes, especially for women, following Trump’s win.

Such a shame it’s come to this, but we’re now living in a time when an increase of hate crimes have been reported since Trump won on Nov. 8. The assaults have targeted individuals in specific groups, such as Muslims, people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community. Whether coincidence or not, those are also the people packing self-defense instruction facilities, mostly in New York.

The Daily Beast’s Erin Gloria Ryan spoke to Gabrielle Rubin, who runs the Female Awareness Self Defense school in Manhattan. Rubin said her Monday and Wednesday classes are the most packed she’s witnessed in the last nine years. New Yorker Lena Afridi put together a self-defense workshop following the election results. She had to change the workshop to a series because more than 1,000 women RSVP’d.

There’s a lot of uncertainty about whether the government will protect the rights of its most vulnerable. And people don’t have much faith with Trump at the helm, a white nationalist chief strategist, and a very frightening attorney general prospect. Shit is about to get real. Fast.

Tracy Hobson of the Center for Anti-Violence Education in Brooklyn says the interest she’s seen in classes is the biggest spike in the martial-arts-meets advocacy organization’s 42-year history. “We saw another uptick in interest after 9/11… We do think it’s more now than then,” she told The Daily Beast. “The size, the number of calls that we’re getting.” As an example of how serious people are taking their safety, Hobson said a Muslim-American group requested training for a group of 7,000 people. Seven thousand. Even though the facility can only accommodate 25 people at a time 300 people RSVP’d to a “multiweek self-defense and violence de-escalation workshop the organizational periodically offers.”

New Yorkers aren’t the only ones learning to take an assailant down. Directors and instructors at self-defense institutions in Colorado, Chicago, and Southfield, Michigan have also noticed the increase in attendees. But not everyone is convinced it has to do with Trump’s win.

The correlation seems obvious though. Trump has emboldened a swath of Americans who think they can attack those belonging to marginalized groups without consequence. Last week, an African friend of mine asked a white guy to move his bag from the seat on the train so she could sit down, and he told her he doesn’t have to because he can “do what he wants now that Trump is president.” She Snapchatted the encounter, which would’ve been slightly unbelievable had I not seen it myself. Unfortunately, these dudes aren’t going to quit until they start getting their asses whooped. And thankfully there are classes to teach us how to properly do it.