Gigi Hadid’s Melania Trump impression was pretty spot on, let’s fling them both into the sun

Celebrity impressions are usually pretty lame, the kind of thing your dad does at a family holiday gathering because he’s had a little too much to drink and can’t stand his in-laws (this is a thing, right?). But sometimes they can be spot on, sort of like model and noted outfit-wearer Gigi Hadid’s Melania Trump impression, which she did on stage at the American Music Awards Sunday night. Hadid was hosting along with Saturday Night Live alum Jay Pharoah and — just to give credit where its due — they did a not terrible job of making the least interesting awards show not terrible. Seriously, even the Country Music Awards had Beyoncé.

ANYWAY, Hadid’s Melania impression is pretty good. Although we should all probably stop doing impressions of the Trump family because they are monsters and being cute about them is a tragic step toward forgetting that BUT HERE WE ARE.

Gigi, clad in a sparkly red dress and even redder lipstick, asked to do her Melania. “I have to get the face right first,” she joked. And then she did a pretty decent Melania Trump accent for a whole….second. It didn’t last long at all which is why it’s so stupid that already the model immediately got backlash from poor weeny babies on social media for poking fun at the incoming first lady. To be fair, Hadid did go low and said in her thickest Euro accent, “I love my husband President Barack Obama and our children, Sasha and Malia.” Get it? It was a cute and good impression and should have been something that only those obligated to watch the AMAs would ever see. But that’s not how this goes.

Her impression is being called “racist” on social media by Republicans and Trump supporters. Yes, the same people who spent eight years questioning Obama’s birth place, calling Michelle an ape, mocking the “politically correct” elite, and electing a bigot into office have their panties in a bunch because someone dares to do a GOOD impression of the next first lady.

People are calling for Victoria’s Secret boycotts. Really? This is where we’re at now?

It’s not racist — like at all, even if Hadid’s parents Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid, weren’t Dutch and Palestinian, respectively, and also immigrants. Also, an impression is the most unoffensive form of comedy. It’s harmless. Some Hadid-haters speculated about a double standard, wondering if someone impersonated Michelle Obama or another immigrant’s accent, that the response would be different. It doesn’t matter.

It shouldn’t be surprising or new information that Trump supporters have very, very thin skin. Much like Trump, who has a hissy fit every Sunday morning when he sees Alec Baldwin impersonating him on Saturday Night Live. Or even when the cast of Hamilton stopped Vice-President elect Mike Pence over the weekend and begged him to not be racist or deport people, Trump t0ok to slamming the show, Broadway, and demanded an apology. COME ON.

People give Obama shit sometimes for being all over TV and joking around, but a president who can read mean tweets about himself or and joke about his dad jeans will be greatly missed. Remember when he did that bit at the White House Press Correspondents’ dinner about having an “anger interpreter?” That was actually semi-subversive — it was a criticism of himself, the race divide in the country, and just funny because Michael Key is hysterical.

Being able to criticize politicians is vital to a working democracy, sure, but being able to take criticism and laugh at oneself are good human qualities. Trump and his supporters are going to have get over their insecurities really soon. There’s a narcissistic, xenophobic goon in the White House, what do they expect people to do?