So, pretty much the whole ‘Scandal’ cast was also on ‘Frasier’ at some point

Usually, watching hours and hours of TV is just a way to let time roll by while your brain goes numb, but sometimes it leads you to mind-blowing discoveries. I’ll be the first to admit that I gave my roommate a lot of shit for watching Frasier at all hours of the day (seriously, who watches Frasier?), UNTIL it led her to a very important revelation, which she then screamed to me from her bedroom: pretty much every actor on Scandal was in Frasier at some point.

It’s safe to assume no one’s realized this because (again) no one watches the ’90s sitcom, but everyone who knows about ShondaLand’s addictive powers watches Scandal. Unfortunately, living goddess Kerry Washington didn’t make an appearance, but the rest of the cast sure did. It’s not surprising that actors cross over in multiple ShondaLand shows, but apparently Frasier was the real starting place for most of the Scandal cast.

The conspiracy theorist in me doesn’t want to believe this is just a coincidence. Maybe Shonda Rhimes was a huge Frasier fan. Or more realistically, this is just how Hollywood works and a show that spans nearly a decade inevitably goes through a ton of characters and actors. I’ll say it again, no one’s a Frasier fanatic, so I think the latter is more likely. (Shonda, give me a call and we can clear this up).

Here’s the breakdown:

Tony Goldwyn (aka Fitzgerald Grant, aka Roger)

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 4.22.05 PM
CREDIT: Zoe Johnson/Frasier

The lovesick president in Scandal made an appearance in a single episode of Frasier as “Roger” in 2001. My roommate and I don’t have real arguments, but we did fight over whether Goldwyn was hotter in 2001 or in 2016. (He’s obviously more attractive in a tailored suit ruling over the country. Don’t @ me.)

Bellamy Young (aka Mellie Grant, aka Lisa)

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 4.22.01 PM
CREDIT: Zoe Johnson/Frasier

The badass first lady of Scandal was also in a single episode in 2002, playing “Lisa.” Apparently Young doesn’t age, because she looks exactly the same.

Dan Bucatinsky (aka James Novak, aka Jewelry Clerk)

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 4.22.08 PM
CREDIT: Zoe Johnson/Frasier

It looks like ’01-’02 was the time to be on Frasier. Cyrus Beene’s journalist husband had a brief cameo as an unnamed jewelry clerk in one episode in 2002.

Jeff Perry (aka Cyrus Beene, aka John Clayton)

CREDIT: Zoe Johnson/Frasier

The only one who really looks different is Perry, who (like everyone else) was in one Frasier episode in 2002. Bless this screenshot for reminding us that brown suits were once a thing.

I’m just here to report on important news. You’re welcome.

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