Suspicious guy uses drone to catch cheating wife and documents the whole thing on YouTube

Cheaters cannot prosper in 2016. Social media, screen shots of texts, and thousands of cell phone cameras are helping suspicious people expose their lying partners’ infidelity and blast them on the internet. But, nothing can top one suspicious husband who used a drone to catch his cheating wife and document the entire ordeal on YouTube. Pennsylvania native Jon Consiglio took spying on a spouse to a new technological level after suspecting a secret affair. He said his wife had been getting called in early for work more often than usual over the past few weeks, and then he got a phone call from someone who said she was up to shady business. At first, the father of two followed her to work in hopes of finding out the truth, but she actually went to work those days.

Consiglio was still suspicious, so he decided to use the drone as a last-ditch effort to see if his wife was being unfaithful. The YouTube video starts with a visibly upset pre-clip of Consiglio admitting the heartbreaking truth to viewers. He then shows bird’s eye view footage from his drone as he flew it over the street where his wife normally walked to work. You can see a tiny figure of her walking the opposite way of her normal route. As she progresses toward a nearby CVS, Consiglio is heard narrating the video and getting pretty pissed off as he gives a play by play of the events. He then shows a closer shot of his wife standing in the CVS parking lot as a truck comes over from the opposite side of the pharmacy’s building. Uh oh.

By now, the distraught husband has completely lost it and starts calling the side dude a “cocksucker.” He even notes how she stops to let down her hair so she can look good for the other man. As the truck approaches, Consiglio lets the viewers know that they are literally watching his 18-year marriage go down the drain. He then says he thought his marriage was great until that moment and screams “fuck you” at the video. The clip ends silently as the woman is seen leaning in for a kiss and then hopping into the passenger side of a gray truck.

It’s obviously depressing to watch this man get hard proof his wife is cheating, but it’s also great entertainment and I don’t feel bad about it since he put the video on YouTube himself. However, it still seems more reasonable to talk to your partner about your fears before going full on drone spy on their ass.

Check out the video where it all goes down:

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Consiglio revealed that he filed for divorce from his wife. The truth has set him free, but was it illegal for him to spy on his spouse with a drone? This question doesn’t seem to have a straightforward answer.

Personal drones are still a relatively new technology and it will take years of situations like Consiglio’s fiasco (and the court cases sure to follow) to develop strong legal standards. According to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (the organization that covers guidelines for drone usage), using this type of technology for capturing surveillance of a person is prohibited without the person or property owner’s permission. This certainly makes sense, but it still doesn’t explicitly state whether the offense is punishable by law.

Drone rules and regulations seem to be on a case by case basis, though person who has been filmed can get revenge on the drone user by pressing charges for stalking or get a domestic violence restraining order. Legal cases are sent to the Federal Aviation Administration to determine if any laws were broken.

All this confusion points to one clear answer – maybe steer clear of using a drone to catch a cheater.