Rihanna is releasing a box set of all her albums. Shut up and take our money.

Rihanna may not be able to properly wink, but she seems to be unstoppable in every other area of life. In 2016, she released a successful album, headlined a world tour, released sneakers and lounge slides, curved Drake in public, and took over the MTV VMAs with several performances celebrating her entire career. Now, Rihanna is releasing a box set of her albums and capping off her year like a boss. We didn’t know we needed this in our lives, but now we aren’t sure we can live without adding Rih’s box set to our music collections.

The Barbadian singer has managed to crank out eight albums in a little over 10 years, and the set will come with vinyl versions of every album. It will include 15 vinyl records (some of the albums are broken into two records), a hardcover book with pictures of Rihanna over the years, a turntable cover with her signature printed on, and prints of her CD booklets for each album. The box set will be available Dec. 16, just in time for Christmas, but pre-orders are already available for members of Rihanna’s Navy who don’t want to miss out. But, like most wonderful things, Rihanna’s vinyl box set comes with a rather hefty price tag — $299.98.

This set is a pretty cool idea. Vinyl records are making a mainstream comeback as the youths discover that it’s actually cool to hold a record in your hand and listen to all the small production imperfections in a song. Artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna are making albums (Lemonade, ANTI)  that were meant to be consumed as a complete body of work as opposed to a few hot tracks combined with filler fluff, so vinyl is the perfect way to consume them. There is no skip option or repeat button — the listener has to ride it out or risk destroying their record. Yeah, digital copies on your iPhone are cool, but a record will last forever.

As a matter of fact, everyone seems to be going for all things ’80s and using nostalgia as a coping mechanism for the world’s current chaos. Think about it — music, fashion, and even some TV shows (hello Stranger Things) are all pointing right at pre-internet days. Rihanna is tapping into the vinyl lover and nostalgia market and giving fans a retro way to consume her body of work. Give her a big round of applause.

Now, let’s round up our coins and splurge in the name of the Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the life-giving queen who gave us “Bitch Better Have My Money” and other classics.