Now Republicans think anti-Trump protesters are paid. LOL, good one guys.

There hasn’t been much to laugh about since Donald Trump was elected president, but there are some things that are so sad they’re sort of funny. Until you realize how dangerous they are. But for a minute you can laugh a sad, dry chuckle of impending doom. Like Republicans insisting that anti-Trump protesters are paid, which of course there is no evidence of except for the tweets Donald Trump posted about it. His first unifying message to a country divided last Thursday was: “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!” Mind you, everything the former WrestleMania XXIII guest encounters that isn’t licking his butthole is unfair, but that’s besides the point.

His suggestion that there is a left-wing conspiracy paying protesters to incite violence is complete BS. If you actually go out and attend one, you’ll feel that’s true. Wait, what? Why am I even trying to convince you that the protests are real? Of fucking course they are. But some morons have been suckered into Trump’s conspiracy theory. Like Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who tweeted Wednesday that there should be more coverage of the “paid rioting,” First of all, protests and riots are two very different things. Every post-election gathering so far was a protest, not a riot.

But but but! Your crazy cousin on Facebook will say, have you seen the articles? Have you seen the Craigslist posts? The pictures? I have, asshole, and we can break it down nice and simple for you.

The Craigslist ads!

Most of the ads, even the one way back from the Democratic National Convention, can’t be traced to any organization. Some look like blatant trolling or just straight up fake. ALSO some of the ads are from legit organizations, like MoveOn, that are trying to get volunteers to help organize people — like getting posters and chants together, carpool with people who want to come into the bigger cities from the ‘burbs, or pass out water — parts of actual protesting. So, no.

The buses!

If people are starting Facebook groups and chartering buses to New York City or D.C. from bumblefuck because they want to get in on the action, that’s just good ol’ American cooperation.

The news reports! 

fake news protestors 2
CREDIT: Screenshot

These are the same fake ass news sites that helped Trump get elected in the first place because some people can’t tell a fake ABC News logo from a real one. You can easily see that none of the stories are real. Not a goddamn one. It’s fake. All fake. Get it?

Donald Trump proudly ran a campaign dividing the country, talking about us versus them and word vomiting inane accusations and theories on Twitter. A lot of Democrats and progressives — even Obama — have asked that people give this man a chance. I almost fell for it, too, but suggesting opposition to him is fake is just dangerous and will make the problem even worse. It validates every troll on Twitter and every kid who spray paints a swastika on the side of a school.

Suggesting that protests aren’t real is as un-American as it gets.