Cardi B just shut down misconceptions about feminism, and it’s a beautiful little moment

Cardi B has brought joy to my life on many of days. Today it’s her 0:48 second video breaking down what feminism is to her. Our girl Cardi is a proud feminist, and anybody who dares to check her with their opinions of why she can’t be a feminist will promptly get cussed out in a way that only a Bronx girl could.

“If you believe in equal rights of men and women, that makes you a feminist,” she explains. “I don’t understand how you bitches feel like being a feminist is being a woman that has an education, that have a degree. That is not being a feminist.”

Backstory: Cardi B was celebrating her VIBE VIVA cover story, written by senior editor Marjua Estevez, on Instagram. In a previous Instagram video, Cardi pulled Estevez into the bathroom to make the point that although Estevez has two degrees, she still supports a woman like Cardi, who is a former stripper. To Cardi, that is what feminism is all about. Commenters attacked Cardi by telling her she can’t be a feminist because of her past. So in true Cardi B fashion, she had to let chicks know real quick. Hence, this fabulous video of her breaking down feminism while getting her makeup done in a blue bonnet. I love her.

“You discouraging a certain type of woman, that definitely doesn’t make you one…There’s only a definition for a simple word. The problem is that being a feminist is something so great and y’all don’t want me to be great, but too bad.”


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YES, CARDI! Cardi understands that the definition of feminism is simple. It is people who misunderstand it and have done so since its inception. I swear to God, if I have to hear another woman say she’s not a feminist because she loves men. Who told these idiots that feminists hate men? Reveal yourselves!

This video is great because Cardi B is bringing feminism to a demographic who otherwise may not care about feminism or think it’s for them. She has over 5.1 million Instagram followers. Any time different type of women can see themselves through feminists who are accessible or relatable to them, it’s a win for feminism. I’m particularly proud of Cardi — she could’ve run away from the label (ahem, like Kim Kardashian), but she didn’t.

Who gets to identify as feminist is an ongoing conversation online. White feminists questioned Beyoncé’s feminism but had no problem championing their problematic fave Lena Dunham without ever questioning her feminism. So yes, dammit, I am happy Cardi B is proudly a feminist. Now we have to get her some books on womanism.

Obviously, feminism is not really about supporting other women from different walks of life like Cardi thinks it is. It’s not so much about empowerment either the way it’s been rebranded in the last decade. And I’m damn tired of choice feminism too, although feminism is also about believing women have the choice to decide what’s best for their lives. All these things can be part of the feminism conversation, but it’s even much simpler than that — women having social, economic, and political equality to men.

But back to Cardi B. I got love for Cardi B as a feminist like I do for Alice Walker, who coined the term womanism. My feminism is big enough for Cardi B and bell hooks and Gloria Steinem and Beyoncé. And now that Cardi B’s glo’ up is undeniable, I’d like to point out that I’ve been rocking with her since the IG video days, long before Love and Hip Hop and magazine covers. I always knew a feminist lay dormant in her spirit waiting to be pulled out. Her being a feminist just made me love her more.