Buy this “Still Not Asking For It” tote bag to help recall the Stanford rape case judge

Just in case you were worried that everyone had forgotten about the Stanford rape trial and the efforts to unseat Judge Aaron Persky, there’s still a large movement focused on getting justice for survivors of sexual assault and they’re not giving up anytime soon. Fuck Rape Culture, a campaign under the umbrella of Grlcvlt, a feminist Facebook group, is selling “Still Not Asking For It” tote bags thru Brooklyn Fox Lingerie right now, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Recall Judge Aaron Persky campaign.

If you’re in the New York City area, there’s going to be a launch party Thursday at Brooklyn Fox Lingerie in Williamsburg. But you can buy the $35 tote from anywhere, still make your contribution, and start your holiday shopping for all your feminist friends. Two birds, one purchase.

The bag was designed by Remy Holwick, GRLCVLT leader, activist, and model, who is not letting this shit slide on her watch. “I designed the tote to give women one more way to let the campaign and the world know that they support change in the way our country prosecutes sexual violence and protects survivors,” Holwick told The Frisky in a statement. “We do have the power to make change with our dollars.”

Fuck Rape Culture and Grlcvlt have been working hard to unseat Judge Persky since Brock Turner’s sentencing last March. They threw a large fundraiser for Recall Judge Aaron Persky in Brooklyn over the summer and had Michele Dauber as a special call-in guest. Dauber is the Stanford law professor who helped Emily Doe release her widely circulated sentencing statement to Buzzfeed last spring.

Brock Turner wasn’t Persky’s only fuck up, which make his recall even more necessary. There are at least three other cases, maybe more, according to Dauber, that call Persky’s judgement into question. Like giving a Latino man three years for a crime similar to Turner’s, who only ended up serving three months. In August, Persky recused himself from a similar case and then resigned to a civil division of the court so he would no longer hear criminal cases. But that’s not enough to send a message to survivors or sexual predators.

Holwick said, “Judge Persky is still on the bench in California deciding civil cases, which is where many cases of sexual violence end up. We are raising money for the recall to remove him from the bench fully.”

Back in August, Dauber said pretty much the same thing. “We are relieved that Judge Persky will not be handling criminal cases, at least temporarily. However, he will still be a judge, and judges rotate annually in our county. He can still transfer back to hearing criminal cases any time he chooses,” she said in a statement to CNN. Persky ran uncontested in his judicial election in Santa Clara County Nov. 8, and the recall campaign needs 20 percent of voters to sign a petition to recall him. They’re looking to really start gathering signatures next spring to do just that.

Signing the petition is great and all, but if you don’t live in the county, all you can do is donate and support the recall campaign by doing stuff like buying this tote bag. “This is justice for Emily Doe, for Santa Clara county, and has the potential to become a lightning rod for reform in national sexual assault policy,” Holwick said of the tote bag effort.

Persky has also launched his own campaign to maintain his seat, so funds are needed to fight this dude and get him out of our system altogether. Buy one.