New ‘Jackie’ trailer shows Natalie Portman capture every emotion of Jackie Kennedy

Natalie Portman as former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy has been praised as her best performance yet. Judging by Fox Searchlight’s new trailer for Jackie, it looks like it’s going to a be a riveting display of emotions ranging from anger to grief.

Two things immediately stand out from the Pablo Larrain directed film. First, when asked how she wants to memorialize her husband John Kennedy, the first lady says, “There should be more horses, more soldiers, more crying, more cameras.” Jackie Kennedy, at least as it’s portrayed here, was determined for her husband’s homegoing to be historic. It appears as if she wanted the country to feel the weight of the loss she had to endure. The other part of the trailer that makes one pause is that in the midst of grief, she realizes she forgot about herself. “I lost Jack somewhere. What was real, what was performance.”

Jackie is the story of Jackie Kennedy’s final days in the White House following president John F. Kennedy’s assassination. In the trailer you can see her coping with being a mother, a former first lady, and who she is now that it’s all over.

The film won Best Screenplay at the Venice Film Fest. It also won the Platform Prize at the Toronto Film Fest. Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup, Richard E. Grant, and John Hurt co-star alongside Portman in the upcoming film.

Jackie opens in theaters on Dec. 2.  Oh, and it wouldn’t be a film about Jackie Kennedy without the infamous pink suit and pink pillbox hat.