Mike Pence wants to keep his emails private after months-long attack on Clinton’s

For months, Hillary Clinton’s opponents used her emails to accuse her of lacking transparency. Now it’s their turn to have their communications scrutinized, and Mike Pence is fighting to keep his emails private. (Hypocrisy from someone on Donald Trump’s team? What’s next, a breaking story that water is wet?)

Indianapolis lawyer Bill Groth, who is opposing Pence in state court, has requested access to Pence’s emails under the Freedom of Information Act. The correspondence in question contains records from a 2014 lawsuit brought against the U.S. government by Pence and Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, in response to Barack Obama’s proposed immigration reforms focused on protecting millions of unauthorized immigrants from deportation. Naturally Pence and Abbott sued, because nothing is worse than giving foreigners the right to work and stay with their families.

Taking on the federal government is a costly proposition; Pence ended up hiring out-of-state attorneys to represent him in the lawsuit. Groth requested his expenditure records in order to find out just how much this cost the Indiana taxpayer. Although Pence did release the records, they had undergone what the court described as “substantial redactions” by the time Groth received them.

Pence’s legal representatives claim that since lawmakers in Indiana are exempt from releasing their own records under state law, he shouldn’t be required to release the non-redacted versions of the emails in question. However, attorneys and lawmakers argue this could have serious consequences for government accountability — which isn’t what you want when an anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant vice president-elect is involved.

As Gerry Lanosga, a law professor at Indiana University, told The Indy Star, “The court is giving up its ability to check another branch of government, and that should worry people.” Believe me, professor, we’re beyond worry and are well into panic by now.

Many critics suspect that Pence will take on the actual work of being president, creating policies while Trump carves his own face into the moon, or starts building prison camps for dissidents, or whatever the hell he thinks the presidency entails. If the man behind the tasteless gold throne (I’m sure Trump has one) can bypass ethics of accountability and transparency, he’ll be free to persecute basically anyone who isn’t a straight white cis man.

This is about so much more than emails. It’s about the fear of an unchecked government that hates us. And at a time when many Americans are frightened of Pence possibly destroying their civil liberties, such fears can’t be ignored.

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