6 reasons Rudy Giuliani is a pile of hot moist garbage, in case you forgot

It’s not shocking that Donald Trump plans to bring a parade of terrible white men into the White House with him, and Rudy Giuliani wasted no time making it abundantly clear he would be down to serve as Trump’s secretary of state. In case anyone forgot in all the election nightmare chaos, there are many, many reasons Giuliani is a pile of hot garbage. Grab some alcohol to numb the pain and let’s discuss this jello-brained man.

To be clear, Trump hasn’t said he wants to make the former New York City mayor his secretary of state yet, but Giuliani is a part of the president-elect’s inner circle and has been very loyal to him throughout the campaign, a trait Trump really values. Speaking at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Monday, Giuliani reportedly suggested over and over that he’d accept the role, even explaining his foreign policy views, as if him talking could convince anyone he’s capable of foreign affairs. Of course, his top priority would be eliminating ISIS, though like Trump, he doesn’t actually know how to do that.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Giuliani shouldn’t represent America to other nations or be anywhere near the White House (much like his fearless leader, but it’s too late to change that now). Here are some of the ways he’s proven himself to be a horrible human.

He defended Trump’s pussy grabbing comments

After the Access Hollywood tape surfaced revealing Trump bragging about sexual assault, Giuliani didn’t just stick by his fearless leader, he completely leaned in to the “it’s just locker room talk” story and claimed everyone was overreacting. “We’ve taken it to an extra degree of what he said. But the fact is that men at times talk like that,” he said to CNN’s Jake Tapper. That’s some hot garbage.

He touted the myth of voter fraud

Look, voter fraud only happens at a rate between 0.00004 percent and 0.0009 percent, so it’s not a real issue. It is, however, what conservatives try to use to pass stricter voter ID laws and other restrictions that make it more difficult for the poor and minorities to vote. Giuliani is all about convincing people voter fraud is real and in October was worried dead people were voting. Naturally he believed all the ghosts to be left-leaning.

He straight up lies

When 9/11 hit, Giuliani was the mayor of New York and Hillary Clinton was a New York senator. Both talk about their work restoring the city after the attacks, but during the presidential election, Giuliani claimed Clinton wasn’t in New York at the time. A photo of the two politicians standing right next to each other at Ground Zero the next day made his lie very obvious and very embarrassing.

He implemented racist police practices in NYC

Giuliani always brags about how much safer he made New York, but he went about it by implementing stop-and-frisk, a policing method found unconstitutional. It was essentially racial profiling that severely hurt black and Latino communities in the city, as evidence showed police carried out more stops on black and Hispanic residents.

He thinks George W. Bush was a great president

In 2010, Giuliani said on Good Morning America that President Obama should be doing what George W. Bush did, explaining, “We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We’ve had one under Obama.” The world has already agreed that GWB was terrible, but somehow Giuliani never got the memo.

He doesn’t know up from down

This should be a pre-requisite for any cabinet position.

Someone please buy Giuliani a one-way ticket out of the country.