Kellyanne Conway is truly terrifying and she always has been

After Donald Trump won the nomination this summer and was making a final push for the White House, he hired Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon as a consultant and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager. They’re both scary AF, but Kellyanne Conway is honestly terrifying on her own. She was the mastermind behind Trump’s election, after all. She will likely have Trump’s ear in the White House, though she probably won’t get a cabinet position (but really, who the hell knows what will happen anymore). She is already part of the transition team, counseling Trump on his appointees.

Conway is a longtime Republican pollster and campaign manager and previously worked for Senator Todd Akin — you know, the guy who said women can shut down their fallopian tubes when raped. For what it’s worth, she’s a single mom with two kids and the first woman ever to run a successful presidential campaign. It’s a shame it was this kind of campaign.

She is terrifying because she is able to go on the record every day and defend some of the most heinous things Trump does — like talk about grabbing pussy (which already seems like it was so long ago), or backing up his autocratic calls to lock Hillary Clinton up.

Just Monday, Conway threatened Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid with legal action from the Trump White House because of a letter Reid wrote denouncing Trump’s appointment of Bannon as his strategist. Opposing Trump’s appointments is something elected officials should do, to protect the Constitution and Americans’ civil rights from white supremacists.

What’s most terrifying is her ability to further Trump’s lies and dangerous promises. She can talk in circles like it’s her job (because it kind of is) and often really seems convinced of the inane things she’s saying. Conway sounds like she believes it when she says Trump will “make America great.” I often find myself thinking, “She can’t mean that.” But she really does. Here’s more proof of how scary this woman is.

She called Reid’s criticisms “beyond the pale” 

Reid criticizing Trump’s divisive, racist campaign is something that Americans need to do right now. Calling it “beyond the pale” is acting like a dictator who doesn’t understanding that speech is protected.

She thinks that not paying income taxes is a good thing

Um, actually, it’s not smart to use the sneakiest, barely legal ways to get around the tax law. Not paying your taxes is a crime that the poorest people are punished for all the time, with frozen bank accounts and garnished wages. Defending Trump’s tax practices is pretty despicable, especially for a patriot.

That time she said rape wouldn’t happen if women were tough

In a 2013 video uncovered by an anti-Trump Super PAC this summer, she said, “You would be able to defend yourself and fight him off.” NOPE. Not OK. Please make it stop.

She thinks women have abortions for fun

After the third debate in which Trump went on an insane rant about “late term abortions,” Conway said she was “gleeful” that he brought it up (and straight up lied like a lunatic) on a national stage. She also told Fox & Friends: There’s no exceptions for sex-selection — you can basically find out the sex of your baby and decide for that reason only you’d like to terminate your pregnancy.”

She thinks the rape allegations were not worth talking about

“Give me a break,” Conway said on CNBC about the child rape allegations against Trump, comparing them to Democrats asking her candidate to release his tax returns. Both of those things are still important, but they are not the same. This shouldn’t have to be explained to a grown woman.

She never understood why “grabbing pussy” was offensive

Although she did go underground for a few days after the Access Hollywood tapes were leaked, she reappeared triumphant at the second debate that weekend with the women who accused former President Bill Clinton of assault, ready to spin Trump’s sexual assault allegations into something about Clinton, no matter what. She’s really a genius when it comes to deflecting blame from men and blaming women for the alleged transgressions of their husbands.

She calls the racists who back Trump “the forgotten”

Again, she actually believes that America needs to revert back about 100 years.

Apparently, there are lots of women — more than half of white women, actually — who believe America needs to be made great again and actively voted against themselves. Maybe they really think jobs are coming back from China (they probably also believe in Santa Claus), or people are just that xenophobic. Or they really still believe that white men will save them. Kellyanne Conway is one these women, and she is scary as hell. Keep an eye on her.