Read this list of good things that happened in 2016 to feel a little better about the world

We’re nearing the end of 2016 and what could have been the monumental election of America’s first female president, a progressive future, and societal stability has literally been torn from our hands. As a nation, we’ve now validated overt bigotry and sent the message that you can degrade and threaten every marginalized group in existence only to be made the most powerful figure in the world, and to so many people, that is not only terrifying but a threat to their well-beings. But, as this viral Tumblr post of good things that happened in 2016 highlights, so many good things have happened this year that Trump can’t take away. May this list remind us that not everything is a total garbage swamp of hate.

This list includes obviously amazing things like chemotherapy breakthroughs, groundbreaking amyotrophic lateral sclerosis discoveries, and sinking global child mortality rates; small environmental victories (for everyone terrified of what Trump, who thinks global warming is a hoax, will do to our world) like the fact that the ozone layer is naturally growing itself back and 6 million homes in California are powered by solar energy; populations of some endangered animals are on the rise; Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill; Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar; and, of course, Trump being elected president doesn’t magically erase puppies, chocolate, rainbows, and friends from this world.

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CREDIT: The Fanatical Fan-Addict/Tumblr

Oh, and coffee consumption has been proven to help lower suicide rates, and lower chances of getting cancer. Cheers to that.

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CREDIT: The Fanatical Fan-Addict/Tumblr

The election of President-elect Trump early Wednesday morning shocked the world and absolutely devastated people of color, the disabled, immigrants, Muslims, environmental activists (and those affected by ecological disasters, which literally includes everyone whether or not they realize this), and just about every other marginalized group you could name. For many people, comfort of any kind, including solace from memes and cultural tidbits, will help them through until they know that they and loved ones will be safe.

Nowhere does the post suggest that these small, beautiful cultural victories will magically make everything better. But it shows all of us that the election of Trump does not sweepingly eradicate good things from our nation. We will all smile again, we will all laugh again, and with or without the help of a government that will soon be built in Trump’s bigoted image, we will continue to accomplish beautiful things. Read the full list here (it’s a long one).

OK, 2016 can still end, but it’s nice to know it wasn’t all trash.

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