There are way too many stories of people being harassed following Trump’s victory

Watching Donald Trump accept the presidency in the wee hours of Wednesday morning was like watching Black Mirror, except it was real. But for some people — people of color, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, women — watching Trump take power is just as terrifying as knowing that now his supporters have been validated. The stories of people being harassed after Trump’s election are a sickening peek into what the nation might be like for the next four years. For example, in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, a principal confirmed that students were chanting “heil Hitler” while celebrating Trump.

Some stories have been debunked as false, including a story of “the KKK celebrating” Wednesday as an image made its way around social media. But others are real. Remember, Trump was endorsed by the KKK and never disavowed them. Trump announced his candidacy back (oh, to go back) last summer on the basis that Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. Trump has proposed a ban on Muslims from entering the country.

It’s clear now that the America Trump was reaching out to had a lot of xenophobic and misogynistic shit on their mind. They were encouraged enough by Trump that they came out in large numbers — even women, which is unbelievable — to vote their racism into the Oval Office. Some of his supporters swore up and down that Trump didn’t mean half the racist things he said at his rallies. But according to polls, his supporters really did take those racist sentiments to heart.

The stories flooding social media the day after the election are chilling.

White supremacy is on full display.

Women are scared to wear their hijabs.

Because there have been actual incidents of people pulling them off.

And LGBTQ people aren’t faring well in Trump’s America either.

On top of all this, calls to suicide hotlines from LGBTQ youth skyrocketed after Election Day and multiple trans youth reportedly committed suicide.

If this kind of shit deeply disturbs you (and dear god it should), be nice and inclusive to everyone. Be a bathroom buddy for a transgender friend, or an absolute stranger. Don’t just be quiet and tweet about harassment you witness. Being passive and disbelieving how high the stakes are for people of color, Muslims, and LGBTQ individuals is how we got into this mess.