A 75-year-old British man fought off armed carjackers like a total badass

Never underestimate a grandpa with nerves of steel. This week, a carjacking went wrong in the best way possible when a 75-year-old man fought off three carjackers after they threatened him with a gun and knife. Birmingham, England native Anthony Mathers was driving under a bridge when a man suddenly stepped out in front of his car. As he stopped the car, another man came up to the driver’s side and pointed a gun at the window. At first, Mathers didn’t believe the gun was real and was so pissed off that he hopped out of the car. The gunman ran away from the car, but the man who blocked his path began to threaten him with a knife. The granddad of eight was still unbothered and told the assailant to back off or he would stick the knife right up his arse (oh how I love British slang).

He managed to put the Ford S-Max into manual mode before getting out, and of course, the young dummies who attempted to jack him couldn’t drive manual so it stalled shortly up the road. Mathers then ran toward the car and the carjackers ran away scared because this dude is brave.

Luckily, he only sustained a few injuries, but he spoke to The Birmingham Mail and said he would make one of the carjackers feel pain if he ever got his hands on him. Well damn.

Outside of being a crime fighting badass, Mathers is fighting his own personal battle with skin cancer and spinal problems. The local police commended his bravery and neighbors came to his aid after finding out about his scary ordeal. He even avoided going to the hospital for his minor injuries so he wouldn’t worry his wife of 54 years. Basically, he is ready to star in an action movie.

Mathers isn’t the only senior citizen who is unavailable for the bullshit. In 2012, 92-year-old Wilhelmena Griffin was taking out the trash in her Bronx, New York housing development when a young man followed her back inside a building and began to beat her with his fists in an attempt to snatch her house keys. But Griffin was prepared for a fight, and beat him in the face until he ran out of the building. She suffered a black eye and bruises, but told CBS 2’s John Slattery that she had to fight back because “you can’t just let a person attack you.”


Earlier this year, Alice Makla, 81, was sitting in her car in her driveway when a man and woman reached in her window and took her purse. The couple saw her in a story earlier and knew she had a large amount of cash on hand, so they followed her so they could steal her purse. Makla chased them down and slammed her car into their getaway car. The marks she left on their car was enough to help police track down the getaway car and arrest the thieves.

Moral of the story: Stop fucking with old people. They want to live their golden years in peace, and if you mess with them, they will give you hell.