This Trump cake being wheeled into Trump Tower is the saddest Trump cake in all the land

Imagine Donald Trump’s face on his worst day. Now imagine it sculpted for a “victory” cake. Now laugh and shudder at the sight of horror. That’s exactly what happened on Twitter when a photo of the Trump cake was wheeled in to the Trump Tower. It was the cake that united us all.

Trump’s cake seems to be intuitively aware of his fate. There has never been a cake that embodied melancholy the way the Trump cake does. Trump’s cake looks flustered, disappointed, stressed and angry all at the same time. But the silver lining? His hair on the cake is flawless.

You have to wonder what photo the Trump campaign gave the bakery to use as a model. And did his team approve the final version? Did the baker purposely botch the cake to make Trump the butt of internet jokes? Will the baker come out after the election and do a special with Nightline looking for 15 minutes of fame? Is the bakery anti-Trump? Or do they think they did the best they could with what they were given?

Twitter has already put the Michael Jordan crying face on the cake so at least we’ll always have this to remember Trump’s expected loss. Never change, internet. Never change.

Just when you thought this campaign hadn’t given us enough it gifted us with the sad Trump cake. Not even a dessert could make Trump look good. Didn’t Shakespeare say, “To thine own cake be true,” or something like that.

May the election of 2016 die a quick but painful death. But may the memes live on.