The funniest election night tweets to help you laugh through the pain that is 2016

Oh, election night. A time for Americans to come together in front their TVs while grinding their teeth in anticipation and still being totally and completely divided. Luckily, we do have one saving grace to keep us sane and remind us that there is still some small semblance of good in the world while we patiently wait for it to start burning — the funniest election night tweets pouring in.

Twitter has done its job and brought us enough humor to keep us going through the primaries, the general election debates, and now Election Day. You can always turn to social media to distract you from important things happening in the real world, and people definitely needed some distraction Tuesday night because the race was way too damn close (anyone else feel like throwing up once an hour? Just me? Cool). Even if you’re looking at political tweets, it’s still comforting to find some humor in the utter mess that is the 2016 election and know that other people feel just as worried and confused.

Here are some of the best tweets out there on election night. May your laughter carry you through until tomorrow and prepare you for whatever the world will look like then.

Fuck you, Verizon

Gilmore Girls always knew

Real life reactions

*Channels Michael Scott’s screams*

In summation

Make America Vacuum-less Again

Making history for Cheeto-Americans

Emotions are high

In congressional news

Voting day songs

Florida is such a dick

The whole country has an anxiety problem now

Seriously, Florida, we’re all done with you

The truth hurts

We’re going to make it through, you guys. We will.