The funniest election memes because why not, we are all drunk at this point anyway

The night of reckoning has finally come upon us. After being tortured with Donald Trump tweets, political commercials, and the lack of common sense during election season, we have finally made it to election night. We don’t know who will win, but we can all laugh about the funniest election memes because why not, we are all drunk at this point anyway. This entire debacle that we call an election has been pure hell to watch, and the only reason anyone is tuned in is so they can go ahead and accept the inevitable before either crying themselves to sleep or dosing off knowing that the candidate they hate the most gets to taste bitter defeat.

As the election results begin to roll in and we watch states battle it out between Clinton and Trump, we have to make ourselves laugh to keep ourselves from crying over this hot ass mess that we have gotten ourselves into in 2016. We can also take comfort in the fact that our Facebook friends will eventually get off of their political soapboxes and go straight into posting about how much they hate something else, because that’s how the internet works.

But, for now, let’s take a look at the hilarious memes from election night:

Will Hillary bust glass like Wonder Woman?

Or maybe she’s just winning because people hate Trump

But apparently Florida kinda likes him… so they gotta go

Actually all Trump voters must go

And everyone else wants to find a Canadian bae

Because we are all having a nervous breakdown

Meanwhile non-Americans are like “damn homie”

The hate for both candidates is real though

But it looks like Trump MIGHT win. Oh shit.


NOPE… NO. Cannot deal with this madness.

The Crying Jordan meme has made its way to Trump states

OK, we are way too drunk and stressed out to try to stay up and see the results of this insane election. Maybe Trump will shock the hell out of us and become POTUS. Or, maybe Hillary will hit him with the sneak attack and break that glass ceiling after all. Either way, the Crying Jordan meme will still represent the United States of America as the rest of the world wonders how we were stupid enough to come to this point in the first place. So, put down the wine bottle, go to bed, and maybe avoid social media for the next four years.