Play this election night drinking game so you’re sufficiently drunk when the results pour in

You guys, it’s the last day of the 2016 election, which means a celebration is in order. Not for any one candidate, just for the fact that we have to do this anymore — constantly watching the news, following the ups and downs, fighting with people voting for the wrong person. Tonight, hopefully, there will be a clear winner and we can just move on with whatever we have to do. Hopefully. Because it’s going to be such a shitshow, you need to play this election night drinking game so that you’re properly wasted as the results roll in.

You’re going to want to be drunk for this (or you can always workout, too, but what fun is that?). If you love either candidate, you’re going to need to lick your wounds when they lose. And there are many people who are still going to be a little worried if the candidate they voted for wins, too, because let’s face it — both candidates have crazy issues that come along with them.

And then there’s the media reporting on the insanity, and it definitely has its own issues when it comes to calling results and amping viewers up to get out the vote. It’s been an exhausting election year for everyone. So gather your friends, put the beers in the fridge, and just drink all day, because you earned this.

Here’s are the drinking game rules that will help keep you entertained and get you through the night.

  • Take a sip every time a poll closes.
  • Chug a beer if Trump tweets that he won before all the results are in.
  • Take a sip every time the cameras catch Hillary Clinton fake smiling at her event.
  • Take a shot every time a news anchor says something confusing about the Electoral College.
  • Drink every time the news anchor says “battleground state.”

  • Smoke a bowl when states legalize recreational weed.
  • Take a shot (preferably of tequila) if Tim Kaine does an interview en español. 
  • Drink every time a Trump supporter says something sexist about Clinton in an exit interview.
  • Drink every time a state goes to a candidate you didn’t vote for.

  • Drink every time a news network uses “breaking news” to talk about nothing.
  • Pour another glass when an interactive map doesn’t work.
  • Drink when Clinton tweets something snarky about whatever Trump is tweeting.
  • Take a sip every time someone says they can “feel” who’s going to win.
  • Take a two Xanax if Trump wins Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Of course, if the election is too close to call, you need to take more shots and make sure to call out of work in the morning, because no one needs that tonight. Just make sure you get an Uber home from wherever you are and drink plenty of water so this game/election doesn’t kill you.