Here’s a bleak outline of Trump’s first 100 days if he becomes president

Political commentator and former strategist for former President Bill Clinton James Carville sat down with college students just before the election to talk about what a Donald Trump presidency would actually look like for America. As election night trudges on and it becomes clear the bloated Cheeto could actually be President Cheeto come January, it’s worth looking at Carville’s video to see what Trump’s first 100 days would entail.

“The reason that I brought you young people here is to really emphasis to you that elections have consequences,” Carville starts off saying in the now-eerie video. He outlines a scenario in which Trump wins Ohio and therefore the election, giving the college students in front of him a terrifying, yet very possible outline of what that would mean for the country. “His agenda has now been ratified by the American people,” Carville says of a hypothetical projection of Trump winning. “This is what I think we can expect. We can expect that probably by Easter, at least certainly by Memorial Day, construction will begin on the wall. I think a deportation force will be in place. I think we can expect deportations to begin.”

He goes on to list what else would happen with President Cheeto in the White House, including “the Supreme Court vacancy is gonna be filled immediately, “abortion will be illegal in the United States,” “there will be legislation banning gay marriage,” and “every climate change agreement that we’ve been apart of will be rescinded.”

“That’s just the beginning,” Carville said.

With Trump doing much better than anyone ever expected on Election Day, the country is anxiously waiting to find out if Carville’s predictions are going to become reality.