And now, here are Kylie Jenner’s breasts covered in blue paint because art

Personally, I plan to flip between news channels looking for lovable lizard-man James Carville all night BUT if you want to look at something other than the non-stop election coverage on TV, social media, and the nightmare-plastered backs of your eyelids, we have something: a nude Kylie Jenner covered in blue paint for some…art…thing…or whatever. WHO CARES?! She’s legal and not talking about the election and god knows she only bought that body because we made her feel like shit for not looking like her sister Kim Kardashian when when was fucking 10 years old. So we better look, and then go buy whatever her broken goddamn spirit is selling.

unreleased project with @sashasamsonova

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You look like a shiny new Acura, Kylie. Luv yoo.