Missing South Carolina woman found “chained up like a dog” by potential serial killer

Kala Brown and her boyfriend, Charles Carver, went missing from their South Carolina town at the end of August, and the missing woman was found alive in a metal storage container on a rural property Thursday. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said in a news conference that Brown was in good condition considering the circumstances and described the way she was “chained up like a dog for two months.” There is still no sign of Carver.

Update: A body was found on the property Friday afternoon, though it has not yet been identified.

The police were searching the area in response to a tip about a sex crime when they heard banging from inside a storage unit, WYFF reports. They found Brown inside the 30 foot long, 15 foot wide container with a chain around her neck. Sheriff Wright said the 30-year-old woman was fed regularly, but was “obviously traumatized.” Wright said “really good investigative work” led the police to find the missing woman.

The owner of the Woodruff, South Carolina property, 45-year-old Todd Kohlhepp, was arrested and charged with kidnapping. Kohlhepp is a registered sex offender due to a 1987 conviction for kidnapping involving a sex crime in Arizona and now reportedly works in real estate and owns a landscaping business. The sheriff said the property where Brown was discovered looked like it was well cared for and that it appeared “that somebody’s been doing some cleanup work there.”

WYFF reports that Wright told investigators there are potentially four bodies on the 100-acre property, though no bodies have been found yet. “We’re trying to make sure we don’t have a serial killer on our hands,” Wright said. [It] very possibly could be what we have.”

A lot of weapons and ammunition were reportedly found on the property, and police were alerted that there may be bear traps set on the land.

It’s still unclear what happened to Carver, 32, but his car was found near the storage unit Brown was being held in, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. Brown and Carver were reported missing Aug. 31 after friends and family stopped hearing from them and their shared home was found unlocked with their dog abandoned and unfed. Brown’s car was still in the parking lot of the apartment complex. Her Facebook went unused, while Carver’s was periodically updated with posts his family said were “uncharacteristic of ones typically made by Charlie.” Both Brown’s and Carver’s families told WYFF they believed his Facebook was hacked after they disappeared.

The police continue to look for Carver, and the sheriff said: “We’re still in the baby steps of the investigation and we’re not leaving until we’re satisfied that we’ve uncovered everything we need to.”