Was Melania Trump’s latest speech all a parody?

Ever since Donald Trump’s wife gave a speech at the Republican National Convention that was suspiciously similar to a speech current First Lady Michelle Obama gave in the past, the country has patiently waited to hear from the former model again. She’s been mostly silent on the campaign trail from the beginning, giving only a few interviews, mostly defending her husband against the barrage of sexual assault allegations thrown at him. However, we were all given a gift Thursday afternoon when Melania Trump gave her first speech since the RNC and it sounded like a parody of her husband’s campaign.

Speaking in the swing state of Pennsylvania, Melania reiterated a point she already made clear in her interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper: she wants to focus on combatting online bullying if she becomes first lady. Not picking up on widespread criticism noting that The Donald is one of the most notorious online bullies the country’s ever known, she elaborated on this goal in her newest speech, which luckily didn’t appear to be plagiarized, but might have been an elaborate performative art piece. Is she this delusional or is she brilliantly trolling Donald, like when she wore a pussy bow blouse to the second presidential debate right after the tape came out revealing the Republican presidential nominee saying he grabs women by the pussy without consent because he’s rich and he can.

Melania explained how being bullied on social media is hard for young kids (obviously), saying, “Our culture has gotten too mean and too tough.” She continued to say, “We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other… It will be one of the main focuses of my work if I’m privileged enough to become your first lady.”

Based on her husband’s constant attacks on journalists, celebrities, politicians, and anyone who doesn’t like him or isn’t skinny enough for his liking, I have to believe this was all a parody, and in that case, kuddos Mrs. Trump.

The only clue that she was at all serious was when she pointed out that someone hiding behind anonymity on the internet is a worse bully than someone who tells others they should kill themselves while using their real name.

Still, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume she’s relentlessly mocking her rich husband while he thinks she’s playing The Good Wife as he runs for president.